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Ozark Trail The Weekender

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The Weekender has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best self-inflating sleeping pads for 2023.

After purchasing The Weekender my husband and I went to the wilderness for a 4 day camping trip. The first night was probably the most miserable night we have ever spent. The blow up mattress was very comfortable but every time one of us or our 7 pound dog moved the mattress made so much noise it could be heard by other campers.

We followed all instructions, checked the instructions again the next morning just to make sure we somehow messed up, we even deflated the mattress and started over, we put padding between us and the mattress but still ended up having a miserable second night.

The third night was the same. We are unsure what the problem could possibly be but we will not use that mattress again. We purchased one of Ozark Trails queen size mattress last year but gave it to our daughter after purchasing a new one. Her family had nothing but praise as we did when we used that mattress. We purchased the new set because we needed to be up off the floor due to bad knees.

We are open to ideas or suggestions short of throwing the thing in the trash.


Price Paid: $89

We bought the weekender for $149.95 and it was worth every penny.  My wife and I have a queen size mattress at home and so we decided to go with the same size for our camping mattress. 

The Weekender is nice because you get off the ground. None of that cold ground that always penetrates through the pads and into your bones. It was very comfortable and our youngest slept with us from time to time. 

So far last summer, we used it 4 times for 5 or more days and we slept like babies. No aches or pains in the mornings like we used to have with our old camping mattress.  We highly recommend it.

Also, works great for a second extra bed for our family when they visit. Sets up and puts away easy.  Great for sleeping outside on the back lawn. 

Robert and Linda

Price Paid: $149.95

Well, Ozark you have made camping for me and my wife much better. We have been camping for years in the same spot so we know what we are getting into. This year we saw your bed and pick it up how did we do it with out it love it and will camp only if we can take my Weekender with me.

Anyone who has not used something like this should try it. Like my wife said, all you really need is nice weather and a screen cover and you are set.

I gave this bed a 5 because it truly made camping more enjoyable for my wife and i both. Thank you, Ozark Trail for a great bed.

Price Paid: $88

We originally bought this mattress for extra guests but also used it for camping. I like to fish a lot and so being recently married, I decided to take my wife fishing with me. We slept so nice on this mattress and my wife loves to go fishing with me now. 

It's easy to setup and put away. It has its own case to carry it in.

If anyone is looking for a great bed for camping or at home, check out the Ozark Weekender before you pick another brand. I would buy another one again if this one ever broke down. 

Dave and Barbara

Price Paid: $159

Great Mattress. We use this for our elderly parents when they come over and they sleep like babies.  Its easy to set up and take down. Stores easily in a bag that it comes in to keep it out of the way. 

We haven't used it for camping yet and so don't know how that would work.  All I can say is that it is sure nice to be off the floor when sleeping on an air mattress.  Especially for older folks.  5-Stars.


Price Paid: $135

I agree it is comfortable and nice to be up off the ground, but the noise is terrible. I have one and so does my son, they both are noisy. Lack of sleep because of the noise more than overides the comfort. 

We even had a thick mattress pad under the fitted sheet when my parents were visiting and the noise made us think it was thundering out every time one of them moved.

Price Paid: $140

We purchased it to put in our cabin. It is very comfortable and easy to set up and take down. 

The only drawback, and for us it's a big one, is the noise. We would have a very comfortable sleep if the noise was eliminated. If it quieted down we would purchase another one but it would have to be much more quiet.

Price Paid: don't remember

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