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Gobi 60

rated 4.5 of 5 stars I've used this pack on numerous canyoneering trips and two trips down the Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon. It's stlll like new with some wear in the form of scuffs. Excellent well made product! Very well made pack, good workmanship throughout. I would recommend this pack to a serious outdoorsman. Great for canyoneering, whitewater, hiking in wet conditions etc. Had it for years and beat it up and it's still going strong without one issue! Full review

Si Pillow

rated 4 of 5 stars This pillow is not too bad. I'm still searching for the ultimate backpack pillow, this one isn't quite there, but it's close. The material is not too nice on the face, so I normally put this inside my fleece, and then zip that closed giving a much nicer feel to the pillow. This pillow works best IMO if under-inflated, gives a much softer feel. Full review

SE Lite

rated 4.5 of 5 stars This is a 3+ season pad IMO. Very well made, with a durable ripstop exterior and a sleeping surface treatment that actually does keep me from slipping as compared to my Thermarest Basecamp. I tested this pad in weather in the mid-twenties and found it to be plenty warm (using a 20 degree bag. As a 2/3 length pad, I didn't have any insulation for my legs and I could feel the difference. I placed a rectangle of closed cell foam underneath my lower legs and feet about halfway through the night too… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars Therm-a-rest dominates the backpacking pad scene but I opted for the economical minimal investment of the POE Traditional. I picked it up brand new for $40 from the Frugal Backpacker store in Asheville, NC.  This pad is pretty heavy compared to some of its more expensive competitors. The foam, even when new, will take several hours to fully inflate the pad on its own, but when I get into camp I throw the pad out in the tent and let it go for 30-45 min while I make dinner, etc. By the time I'm ready… Full review

Eco Thermo 6

rated 5 of 5 stars By far the best nights sleep I've EVER had while backpacking. The 2.5 inch thick cells allow you to customize the firmness. I  always resorted to sleeping only on my back with my old Thermarest pad, but now I can sleep on my side or however I end up without waking up in the cold of night with a sore shoulder digging into the ground. You don't feel the ground with this baby. I highly recommend this product. It's construction is very tough and durable. The insulation provided by the bamboo keeps… Full review

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