The marketing department at Patagonia says about this…

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Price Paid: $200


The marketing department at Patagonia says about this jacket, "put it on and leave it on." They're not lying, folks!


  • Versatility


  • What! Are you kidding me??? Well okay, if you twist my arm, it is a tad expensive.

I picked this up and have been wearing it outdoors ever since to hike in, run in, do yard work in, and hang out drinking coffee.

The temps were in the mid 50s to low 60s and the rain was pretty heavy at times and I was comfortable — never overheating. I stayed warm when I slowed down as well. Like all Patagonia clothes, it's made to throw in the wash, which I did, and comes out unwrinkled and like new.

This is the perfect jacket to use as an outer layer even in the coldest weather. I anticipate using the jacket when I go skiing or snowshoeing later this winter. Well done, Patagonia.


Thanks for sharing your Patagonia review, jwm. I hope you'll let us know how the jacket continues to fare over the winter.

5 years ago

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