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Patagonia Wool 2 Crew

The Wool 2 Crew has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best base layer tops for 2020.

photo: Patagonia Wool 2 Crew base layer top


Price Historic Range: $27.99-$82.00
Price Historic Range: $27.20-$82.00


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The price of wool! It's not cheap by all means and I was thinking if I really want to spend the money on it.

I used to wear only synthetic base layers before and still think they are better when I really work hard and sweat a lot. But this wool2 just feel great! I used it almost every day for about 4 mounts!

It's great next to skin, in terms of feel and warm, it is great when you just sit around, in town, sleeping in your tent up somewhere, or when hiking (didn't try it in very cold weather only in mild, and then I found it a bit too warm).

The only bad thing to say is it does get holes in it pretty fast. I had to chock it away after I had more holes then a shirt. But for how versatile it is, I'm happy to keep on buying it, ever few years, and use it year round, in town and out when trekking for long time.

It's also really light for how warm it is, so I don't mind carrying it around for evening use and around camp. It was my first wool item and since then I got few others. 

Price Paid: about 35-40US

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