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Peak Refuel Homestyle Chicken & Rice

photo: Peak Refuel Homestyle Chicken & Rice meat entrée


Price Current Retail: $12.99
Historic Range: $12.95-$12.99
Reviewers Paid: $12.99


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Flavor. That is the most important part! While on a recent 3-day/2-night backpacking trip, one very skeptical friend of "eating out of a bag" actually enjoyed this dinner! And second, the amount of water needed was right on, which seems to be a frequent challenge with some meals.


  • Right amount of water to "cook"
  • Flavor was like real cooking!
  • Easy to pack, light enough
  • Ingredients
  • Freeze-dried (preferred to dehydrated)


  • Would really love to see 1-serving size in the Peak Refuels. Is challenging to evenly divide multi-ingredient meals for my own bags.

So, this one will be in my pack again. And again. It even pleasantly surprised my dear hiking partner, who was extremely skeptical of eating any of "that fake trail food you do".

And to be fair, there are some camp meals that are light on the flavor department, or some that I've tried that end up soup, even after diligently following the directions and measuring and timing to the "T".

We did a three-day, two-night backcountry, and low enough miles that we were indulging in hot coffee and breakfast, and then hot meals for dinner as well every day. Of course, I might indulge in those necessities regardless of the length, some things are not worth sacrifice! So with a quick boil, and only one cup (8 oz) of water, we felt this was a legit two servings. For us. On a short trip.

I know for some this may be one serving, or perhaps after a longer trail and some raging "hiker hunger" kicks in. But for those weekend jaunts, we were both full. Listed as having 740 calories and 40g of protein per pouch, that seems adequate. Packaging is a bit on the larger size, and if I were doing a longer trip, I'd definitely want to repackage for space. 

Most importantly, after a long day of ups and downs and bog walks, this felt like a real meal. Chicken, noodles, and veggies. 

Easy enough to flatten after and pack out in an Opsak as a trash bag. That part is about the same with any pre-packaged meals, so if I am not re-packaging, the most important part is flavor, I feel fed and nourished afterwards, and it's not soupy!


I feel like the backpacker/hiker/camper's quest for the best food is one of our most important missions! New cottage brands of dehydrated or freeze-dried meals keep popping up (and that's not a bad thing at all!) and I keep trying any I stumble upon. Few are repeats, that's what matters.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $12.99

Michael -Survival Intuition

It just so happens that i have been on Amazon every day past week looking at freeze dried and dehydrated meals. I just saw this brand for the 1st time and wondered to myself why is it so much more expensive then the other brands I have been looking at. Well, considering you are a lady, ( when it comes to food I tend to listen more to women then men especially considering what some men consider to be food) I now know why they cost more...FLAVOR.. Thanks for making this review Lora it was helpful

7 months ago
Michael -Survival Intuition

I am curious Lora, Have you also tried the Peak Refuel Chicken Coconut Curry, Sweet Pork and Rice, or the Peak Refuel Butternut Dal Bhat? Those were the three selections from Peak Refuel that had interested me.

7 months ago
Lora L

Hi Michael! Yes I have tried the Sweet Pork and Rice, not good first time (think-user error!), loved it the second and subsequent, may have to do a separate review, I know I have pics of that one. I have the Chicken Coconut curry sitting in my gear pantry but have not yet used. It has always ended up being my 'in case' meal somehow.

7 months ago
Michael -Survival Intuition

Thx Lora and give a shout out if u ever try the Chicken Coconut curry

7 months ago

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