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Primus Firestick Ti

photo: Primus Firestick Ti compressed fuel canister stove

Out for Testing

We're testing and reviewing Primus's Firestick Ti!

A member of Trailspace's Review Corps product-testing program is currently testing the Firestick Ti. Stay tuned for LoneStranger's in-depth review of this Primus compressed fuel canister stove.

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Primus Designs Packable Firestick Ti to Fit in any Pocket

Ever wanted a canister stove to be more packable? Or wonder why they all look the same?

Primus set out to challenge the format and packability of all other sit-on-top stoves, including its own, with the innovative and unique Firestick and Firestick Ti. 

Primus kicked-off its design process with an in-depth market analysis. "Just by visiting well-stocked outdoor shops and examining the selection of stoves, we could see that all competitors—including us—look almost the same," says Primus. "Our takeaway, to change the way of how to use components to make a new stove that works as well, if not better, as the current market assortment."

One of the main issues Primus discovered was how to pack and unpack stoves while hiking. "When comparing traditional compact canister stoves, they almost all look the same—small but not easily packable," says Primus. "They have pointy parts sticking out and most are fragile, or at least they look fragile. We wanted to challenge the standard sit-on-top format by developing as compact of a unit as possible."

Each detail was designed to make the stove as compact and light as possible for when space and packing is top-of-mind. Folded, the Firestick is shaped like a cylinder so it can be easily slipped into any pocket or backpack for easy access.

The Firestick Ti (titanium) and Firestick (stainless steel) feature a built-in pressure regulator that adjusts the flow of gas and ensures optimum heat output at varying temperatures. A new recessed burner allows for a narrow flame to excel in windy conditions. Wide pot supports form an integrated windscreen when folded out to further help them excel in a variety of conditions.

A standalone Piezo igniter is included with the stove, to make it easy to light regardless of the weather, and a custom-designed wool storage pouch doubles as a potholder.

Backpacking, bike-packing, boating, whenever space is a concern the streamlined Firestick is intended to be Primus's top model for those looking for form and function at its peak. 

"We are proud of being able to challenge the traditional format of sit-on-top stoves," says Primus of its Firestick and Firestick Ti. "We were able to think of an innovative way to combine the pot supports and wind shield into a single streamline unit."

The Primus Firestick is also available in a stainless steel version, the Firestick.


Price MSRP: $119.95
Current Retail: $119.95
Weight 3.1 oz
Dimensions 1.4 x 4.1 in
Output 8530 BTU / 2500W
Feeds 1-2
Included with stove Piezo ignitor, wool case


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