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ProBar Superfood Slam Bar

photo: ProBar Superfood Slam Bar nutrition bar


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Fat, carbs, fiber, AND protein? Sign me up for a great meal on the go: urban, backcountry, and everywhere in between.


  • Organic ingredients
  • Whole fruits and nuts
  • Filling
  • Mostly recognizable ingredients
  • Fiber!


  • Can be too sweet
  • Many ingredients
  • Not 100% organic

These bars are pretty simple, so I'll try to keep the review the same way.

ProBar Meal bars are just that: a meal in a pouch. The mix of (mostly organic) nuts, fruits, and grains make for a filling, sweet main course that is easily rounded out with a salty side snack for palette balance.

That is really my only gripe with these. Though the ingredients are all natural, the sweetness can leave my mouth sore. I usually eat half of one meal bar, grab a handful of cheese sesame sticks or vegan jerky, then finish off the Meal bar as a dessert. I recommend drinking plenty of water with these. They are very low in sodium (25

The taste overall is awesome! The fruit flavors come through very distinctly. Whole pieces of strawberry, pineapple, and other delicious fruits are extra treats inside each bar. I'm huge on texture, and ProBars have a nice blend of the mealiness of syrup-bound oats and the chew of dehydrated fruits. I find with other bars, they are too homogenous in texture, so it feels bland in the mouth. 

I really appreciate the nutritional balance here. Fat is crucial in winter, so these (15 grams total fat) make a great morning or evening fuel-up in the colder months. The carbs (51 grams total) make them a great meal on the go on mile-heavy treks anytime. The fiber (5 grams) is great also! When meals on the trail can be starch- and fat-heavy and dehydration looms around the corner, having something to...keep things always nice.

I can't make claims about any distinct energy boost from this product, but I felt full and ready to conquer more after chomping one of these down. 390 calories is quite a punch from 3 oz. of product.

I don't only use these for hiking and trekking. I keep them around the house as much as possible as an emergency breakfast or lunch when I'm running late or when I know I won't be able to stop for long on a busy day at work or out in the world. The calories and substance contained get me through to my next meal with nary a stomach grumble.

One suggestion to the manufacturer would be to add a peel-and-zip packaging that would allow one to eat a portion and zip it back up for later consumption. As previously stated, they are very filling. I would like the ability to securely repackage the remnants of the bar if I can't finish it all at once — it dries out a bit after being open for a while.

Definitely something I would recommend to anyone who needs a long-lasting, tasty, easy-to-carry meal on the go. Great for hiking/trekking, biking, and everyday life.

*I am the general manager of Whole Earth Provision Co. in Southlake, Texas. My views do not necessarily represent the views of Whole Earth Provision Co., its representatives, or its vendors. I pride myself in providing unbiased reviews of products I purchase for my personal use.

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Price Paid: $4


Thanks for the review, Sebastian!

6 years ago

Thanks, Sebastian. I also think ProBars are quite tasty, though large (a pro and a con).

6 years ago

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