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Bolt Energy Chews

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Natural tasting chews filled with B vitamins and electrolytes, which are quite filling compared to other chews. I'd recommend these energy chews for trail runs, training days, or workouts, but there are better options for long trips in the backcountry. I enjoy trail running and have been trying several different trail snacks over the years. Most times I make my own, but decided to get a box of the ProBar Bolt Organic Energy Chews. There are four different flavors (as of July 2015) and like other… Full review

Superfood Slam Bar

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Fat, carbs, fiber, AND protein? Sign me up for a great meal on the go: urban, backcountry, and everywhere in between. These bars are pretty simple, so I'll try to keep the review the same way. ProBar Meal bars are just that: a meal in a pouch. The mix of (mostly organic) nuts, fruits, and grains make for a filling, sweet main course that is easily rounded out with a salty side snack for palette balance. That is really my only gripe with these. Though the ingredients are all natural, the sweetness… Full review

Old School PB&J Bar

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Nuts, nuts and more nuts. OK, technically seeds but still really yummy. Touted as a meal replacement bar, this offering is a nutrient dense bar with nearly 400 calories per bar.  After over three decades I still enjoy a good PB&J, unless I am around one of my peanut allergic acquaintances, which seems to be more common for some reason. I was concerned that the PROBAR might mangle their attempt at replicating this staple of my cold lunches and I had low expectations when I unwrapped this bar… Full review

Whole Berry Blast Bar

rated 5 of 5 stars Somebody, somewhere landed this in my mailbox. Don't hesitate, for a moment, to buy any. Found this in my mailbox, courtesy of somebody, somewhere. Do yourself a favor, and buy a case, they are great. These are kinda along the lines of a Clif Bar, but tastier. Full review

Whole Berry Blast Bar

rated 3.5 of 5 stars I went to an ultralight backpacking seminar (sponsored by GoLite, and given by Andrew Skurka) and this was one of the products (ProBar) that he mentioned.  I found them at my local REI for $3 a bar.  I bought this Berry Blast Bar and Art's Original flavor.  I decided to share and had a taste test with my wife and son.  Verdict: Not bad. There are 340 calories in one of these bars.  It's "seedy" and chewy.  The Berry Blast did have a berry-fruity flavor that helped mask the grains. The texture… Full review

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