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ProLite Gear EvoPad

photo: ProLite Gear EvoPad closed-cell foam sleeping pad


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EvoPad (with Evozote) by ProLite Gear is a high-performing closed cell foam (CCF) sleeping pad worth looking into. If I can afford the extra bulk and weight of this pad, I take it every chance I get.


  • My 1/2" thick pad seems surprisingly more comfortable than any other CCF pad I've used.
  • Warm
  • Does not trap moisture, so you stay dry (compared to pads with ridges)
  • The whole thing is one big flat surface, so it's easy to keep clean (compared to pads with ridges)


  • I don't like CCF pads in general because of their size. This one is also bulky, but no more so than other CCF.
  • Note that these can be difficult to get. If you see it available at ProLite Gear, don't wait to get it.


Here's a pic of my pad next to my summit pack. Sorry it's sideways. The original is "right-side-up", but this site turns it automatically.

ProLite Gear certainly isn't the only gear company offering Evozote pads. Other companies that come to mind are Gossamer Gear and MEC from Canada (MEC's are a very cool "hardman" yellow at over 6 ounces for the 5mm ... though the Gossamer Gear 1/8" version is MUCH lighter than any other at less than 3 ounces for full size and it can be rolled up and folded into a cube for inside-pack storage — that's a difficult decision if you can appreciate the 70's homage to "hardman yellow", but for performance I think the Gossamer Gear version may take the prize).

I have no direct way to compare the different brands of Evozote, so perhaps you might think of this as a review of Evozote as a CCF category. One thing I have noticed is that both weight (per square foot) and R Factor vary wildly for different manufacturers and different thicknesses. In other words, look to the details when making your decision as not all Evozote pads or CCF pads are the same. In fact, the blue and yellow versions of these pads at MEC seem to have different R factors.

Yes, I'm saying what it seems like I'm saying: the same thickness and same product have different R factors from the same retailer. The only difference is color, and somehow that has something to do with its insulating capabilities. I'd be hard pressed to explain that, so watch the details!

As for me: I bought and have been using the 1/2" thick version of the EvoPad by ProLite Gear since early 2013 (about a year ago now). It seems like these pads go in and out of inventory regularly. I checked on them two weeks ago, and only the 1/4" version was available. I just checked, and ProLite is out of stock on all the Evozote pads. Perhaps I'm not the only person that likes these? Perhaps the material is just hard to get from the originating manufacturer? Not sure, but apparently there is a somewhat limited supply from ProLite.

  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Length: 70 inches (full length for me at 5'10")
  • Roll Size: big.  See photo
  • R Factor: 3.5 is the number I read for this 1/2" version when I was researching it.  That seemed pretty unrealistic to me, though after using it in many temps (as low as 18F) I can say this most certainly has a strong R Value (good insulation).  I'll choose to believe 3.5 is correct, though I may be living on that lovely little island all by myself.  :-)
  • Flexible to as low as -70F (due to impregnated Nitrogen gas fill)

For more product info, I'd refer a reader to the EvoPad site.

Happy Adventuring!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $35 including shipping

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