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Purcell Trench Travelers Grill

photo: Purcell Trench Travelers Grill stove accessory


Price MSRP: $46.00
Weight 5 oz / 142 g
Dimensions 17 x 5.5 x 5 in / 43.2 x 14 x 12.7 cm


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Handy accessory for campfire cooking.


  • Lightweight (5 oz)
  • Flat, easy to pack


  • Grill stays could be closer together

I've been using this grill for over 20 years. It drastically simplifies campfire cooking.

Instead of trying to balance a pot on rocks or logs or hanging them precariously from sticks, it is much easier to place a couple of flat rocks properly spaced at the edge of a fire ring. Place the grill on the rocks and you have a stable platform for the cooking pot.

By dragging coals from the main fire and raking them under the grill it is easy to control heat. Lots of big coals will boil water faster than any camp stove. Smaller coals will simmer. Fewer coals will keep a coffee pot warm.


The grill can also be used for actual grilling. The standard Travelers Grill has stays that are a little over an inch apart. There is a "Streamside" version of the grill which has a mesh and would be recommended for smaller food items such as shrimp or hot dogs, which could fall through.

I have personally never used that particular version of the grill. But I have many times managed to cook brats, Italian sausage, and trout on the standard grill. Of course a bigger chunk of meat is what camping is all about.   ;)


Purcell Trench offers several different models of grills. Some use stainless steel tubing, some use titanium tubing. My first was the standard Travelers Grill shown in the pics and reviewed here.

But I also have another grill that was custom made for me. It was made to a specific size and length because I wanted it to fit in a specific pocket on a specific pack. The overall length is a bit shorter. It has an extra stay which makes the spacing closer together and prevents my Italian sausages or brats from falling through even if they happen to get oriented lengthwise on the grill.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Today's price is $46, but I bought mine 20 years ago.


Thanks for introducing us to this brand, Cadenza.

6 years ago

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