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QuietStove Burner Cap for SVEA 123

photo: QuietStove Burner Cap for SVEA 123 stove accessory


Price MSRP: $29.99
Reviewers Paid: $60.00


2 reviews
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I can't make the Quietstove work on my Svea 123's (1 new and 2 used). Whether the flame bell is deformed or not, the flame always lights back to the nipple.


  • A positive incentive to try the Korean version on ebay.


  • Either lights back at low pressure or burns orange and smokes at high pressure.

The Quietstove burner head worked briefly with a blue flame on a new Svea. Before it began backlighting I managed to brew espresso in a narrow-bottomed pot much faster than the with the noisy spreader plate.

Apparently, at high flame the noisy head spews more heat out sideways than can be absorbed by a small pot surface. Try something big, like a pressure cooker, and the noisy burner rules supreme.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $60 *

QuietStove BRAND REP

Hi Sid,

We informed you that your stove needs to be within proper specifications
for our product to function properly. A deformed burner bell or worn
fuel jet should be replaced. Send us your item back and we will refund
your purchase.



6 years ago
Charla Mason

I received no comments from you. The stove is brand new and works perfectly as is. adding your cap is the problem. As suggested you should provide a video of someone starting the stove with your burner and a narration how to do it. Your written instructions are rather confusing.

5 years ago


  • None


  • No customer support
  • Start-up instructions poor

I just bought Svea 123 cap for my new Svea 123 stove. 

A video on starting would help!

Almost set the place on fire. I have written for help and no response.

My stove works great with original cap.

Wish they lived up to their offer of customer support.


Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $60


Welcome to Trailsapce, Charla. I hope the folks at Quietstove are able to help you out. Good luck!

5 years ago
Charla Mason

Hi Alicia, Thank you for the welcome. Seems Sid has had the same issues for QuietStove product. I bought the cap on Ebay and sent them a request and have not received a reply. I wish their customer service was better. Charla

5 years ago

You're welcome for the welcome! Too bad about the lack of information and response for this product though.

5 years ago
QuietStove BRAND REP

Alicia, there was not a lack of information or response. We offered a refund to Charla back in April of 2017.

4 years ago

Thanks for the info, QuietStove.

4 years ago
Charla Mason

Actually the cost to ship from Canada was little difference to the refund so did not bother.

4 years ago
QuietStove BRAND REP

We offered a refund about five months ago and we would have certainly sent you a label for return but we didn't hear back from you nor did we receive detailed action steps on how you were using the product. This video shows using QuietStove on a Primus OmniLite-Ti (note how the burner must be preheated ) Are you still having difficulties? If so please contact us via our web site so we can provide proper support. Also, if things are working OK now would you consider re-evaluating your review? It seems rather harsh for a simple miscommunication.

4 years ago

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