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Giant Jensen

rated 5 of 5 stars Brilliant design. I have the Rivendell Giant Jensen pack. It is excellent for ski touring and it is comfortable with loads up to 50lbs.  This pack sticks to your back: it skis and climbs wonderfully well. I have the original 1970’s iteration, but the new Rivendell packs are pretty much identical to the originals (a few minor tweaks are found on the new Jensens).   The Jensen pack is not difficult to pack, but it responds well to packing the base first and then the vertical tubes (The tubes are… Full review


rated 3.5 of 5 stars One of the first frameless packs made... Back around 1977 I heard tell of a new concept in packs—no external frame. Internal frame packs had not yet made their appearance. I read the reviews, I looked at the pictures, and I had a friend who operated a backpacking store order me one. I think it cost me an awesome $35 or $40. That was a pile of money for an impoverished grad student. The limitations of my frame pack were many for an impoverished student that traveled by hitchhiking and buses. My… Full review

Giant Jensen

rated 4.5 of 5 stars I purchased the 'Giant Jensen' about 2 years ago (2008). I've used it for pack trips in the Sierra Nevada range, Colorado Rockies and a Trans Sierra Ski Trip.   This pack excels for ski tours! It's only about 2 lbs and it hugs your torso like a limpet. That's also its downside for hot weather, since the back of your shirt will get soaked from sweat (there is a very nice corduroy pack panel and a barrier inside the pack that keeps sweat from soaking through to the interior). All the same, I use… Full review

Jensen Pack

rated 5 of 5 stars Rivendell Mountain Works has been re-born, the famed Jensen soft pack is back and I'm delighted. I have several Golite packs (Treck, Speed and a G Pack from Gregory) and the Jensen is far superior in quality and function. It weighs a little more than the GoLite packs and requires more thought in packing, but will pay off in longevity and comfort. The Jensen has no frame or padding, you stuff your sleeping bad in the bottom with insulated clothing and pack the upper portion of the pack padding your… Full review

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