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This is a great way to offer a little security when you are exercising or hiking alone. It's a quick way to identify you, allergies, or provide contact information.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to read


  • Limited number of lines and characters

I have had my road id for a few years now. It's like a security blanket for me know. I feel naked without it. I wear it hiking, swimming, cycling and in triathlons. I don't know that it will save my life, but if I'm unconscious or worse, at least I can be identified and my husband or parents can be notified.  

There are enough lines of text to provide the basics but not enough for a long list of things. I include two emergency contact names and my allergy to penicillin. Initially I was using the Road ID Sport for my wrist but since I often run with a fitness watch it was annoying to have something on both wrists or something extra on the same arm.

The Ankle ID is very comfortable. I can forget it's on (and have).  It is made of neoprene, which is really comfortable. It takes a little while to dry off after swimming with it, but it has held up to four years of use so far and is still as reflective as the first day I got it.  

It's a nice quality item. If you do any kind of physical activity alone, it's worth having

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Price Paid: $16


Thanks for the review, Allison. I also like my Road ID's for my running and hiking shoes.

5 years ago

I love my Road ID Sport, and the Ankle ID looks interesting. Thanks for the review.

5 years ago

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