Salomon Women's Quest 4D GTX

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Minimal break-in time, great support and grip with non-clunky feel.


  • Comfort
  • Traction
  • Lacing doesn't press ankle bones


  • Sizing (Salomon runs bigger than your other shoes)
  • Toe bumper started peeling after 8 days
  • Tread probably won't last as long as other boots

I got this boot because my nubuck/leather trail work boots are on the out, as are my backup pair of "comfy"/sturdy hikers. I wanted a boot for the days I have more hiking and less trail work. 


I've loved and been a devotee of the Women's Salomon XA Pro GTX trail runners as hikers and runners. So I thought I'd give these a try. Remembering that this brand tends to run larger, I ordered an 8. When I first bought Salomon's I bought a 9. Huge! I sometimes take an 8.5 in the XA Pro 3D, but I'm debating sizing down to an 8 in that as well. 

The 8's in these, compared to the 9's in my other hiking boots, fits great. I didn't put my thin Downunders (amazing) insole in for the first hike. However, the heel cup was deep enough to fit this insole in, and I hiked in blissful comfort most of my hikes.  


Hiking in the White Mountains of N.H. is a lot of up and down on rocks. I'd say my forefoot did fatigue in these boots by the end of the day, but who's wouldn't?  I wore gaiters half the time, but when I didn't, I did not get much debris in the boots.

I liked the grip and tension you could put on the laces. There were no pressure spots on my ankle bones or nerves (some boots are horrible in these areas). 


The toe bumper started peeling on the inside before I even got two weeks of wear into the boot. I haven't shoe-gooed them yet, but I may contact the company.

Traction-wise, I felt comfortable walking down and up slick rocks to loose cobble. I hiked all types of conditions in these boots so far, and the traction handled it all. 

If you are in a bog for an hour, they may take 4 days to dry out... like most boots. But after a typical day of use, they dry overnight if inserted with newspaper/swap out newspaper often enough, and put somewhere that isn't super damp.

Source: bought it new

Extremely comfortable right out of the box. Great support for my hiking, backpacking and mild scrambling. In the PNW, trail conditions are unpredictable, and this boot can handle it all.


  • Support
  • Comfort


  • A tad heavier than some other options I looked into.

Fit: These boots fit my feet to a tee.

Comfort: Break-in period was nil. I literally took them out of the box and hit the trail for a two-day pack trip. No issues with blisters or sore spots. After seven months of weekly hiking, they are as comfortable as they were on day one.

Support: The lacing system allows me to increase/decrease the support my feet need in order to address varying trail conditions and terrain (steep ascents/descents, rocky terrain, etc). The sole gives just enough flex to be comfortable without losing the stability I need to address rougher terrain.

Water Resistance: The only time my feet got wet was when I missed a crossing stone and ended up in 10 inches of water. I hike in the Cascade and Olympic ranges of the Pacific Northwest, so trail conditions are unpredictable at best. I'm able to slog through water and mud on the trail with no fear of wet feet.

Traction: They grip great! I ascended Mt St Helens in September, which required 2-1/2 miles of scrambling boulders covered in ash and scree, and my Salomons never once made me question my footing.

Temp Control: My feet get a little warm in them, but that's what wicking socks are for, right?

Construction & Durability: My sister has an older pair of this boot that she has mercilessly abused for three years and they have held up remarkably well. I fully expect my pair to hold up as well for as long.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $230

Overall, a great boot for rugged day hikes and light backpacking.


  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Grippy


  • Possible durability issues

The fit of the Quest is very comfortable. It has a wide toe box to accommodate a lot of expansion throughout the day, but is slim throughout the foot and heel to keep your foot in place. Their lacing system really locks the foot in for minimal movement. The ankle support is very nice, and though the boot is quite high it does not feel restrictive in any way. 

It's comfortable right out of the box, with lots of cushion. The midsole is quite stiff without being heavy, giving lots of support underfoot. A great choice for long day hikes and light backpacking. My personal use has ranged from 10km lowland hikes with no elevation change (I could have gone with a lighter or less supportive option here but the Quest was still comfortable), day hikes including summits, ridge walks, and scrambling, and multi-day backpacking trips. I don't think the boot would be suitable if the user's pack was very heavy, given that the sole does still have some give in it and the boot itself is quite light, but for most consumers it covers a wide range of potential uses. 

Completely waterproof up to the bottom of the ankle. Throw on some gaiters for crossing streams and you'll be super-dry! Not super breathable, of course, given the Gore in it, but not too bad. Throw on some Merino hiking socks and you'll be right as rain all day. 

Kudos to Salomon for their ContaGrip. I've used Vibram, of course and there is no comparison. Contagrip kept me safe on sheer slanted wet rock. I was extremely impressed.

The only issue that I have is not an issue with my boots, but my boyfriend's pair have started to wear significantly where the upper meets the midsole after two years of use. Mine have shown no such wear, so it could be the fact that his feet are much wider than mine and creating some pressure from the inside of the boot. I've talked to many people with the Quests and nobody else has had this issue, but it's something to consider if you have very wide feet. 

Salomons in general do fit quite large. Most people go down a half size in the Quests, and up to a full size in other models, such as the X Ultra. If you've never tried the Quests or something similar, such as the Comets, on, consider ordering a half size smaller than you normally take.

Overall, a great boot choice for most consumers. It'll keep you comfortable and safe on day hikes and multi-day trips.

BONUS: Salomon uses a women's-specific mold for their lady line. This means that we get extra room for our feet to expand during the day, because ours expand more than mens' do.

Source: bought via a "pro deal"


Chris, welcome to TS, and thanks for the good review! Out of curiosity, you mentioned your boyfriend's pair being 2yo. I'm wondering what kind of mileage he has on them?

6 years ago

Hey Goose, thanks! He's probably got about 200km (125 miles) on them. This is all day hikes, with no more than 20lb on his back, and he's not a large guy, probably about 165lb. All the hikes have been on mountainous terrain, seeing dirt, roots, snow, ice, shale, and plenty of scree. Like I said, I've only had mine for one year, but have more than 100km on them through the same conditions and have seen no such wear.

6 years ago

Got it! 125 miles is not a lot on a pair of $230 boots. I've got a lot more miles on cheaper hikers. Thanks again for posting the review. Hope you will post more!

6 years ago

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