Scarpa Tour

photo: Scarpa Tour telemark boot says:
If you were playing a game where you could only use three words to describe your favorite decade, and those words were shag carpeting, disco, and feathered hairstyles, then the Scarpa Men's Tour Telemark Boot is for you. This old-school leather boot harkens back to the days of telemarking before tele became uber-aggro. Whether you're interested in more exploring and less professional-style slalom turns or simply prefer more ankle mobility, the Tour will accommodate. Made entirely of leather, this soft tele boot fits your 75mm bindings but gives you the freedom to kick-and-glide without risking a potentially devastating groin injury that often accompanies gliding attempts with amped-up plastic boots. The padded cuff protects your lower calf region from being rubbed raw. Laces let you tweak the fit from loose to tight. The Vibram sole offers long-lasting stability for some snowy turns as well as when you're walking across an icy parking lot. Like your leather hiking boots, the Tour requires some acclimation time before it's ready to play in the snow. Put on this leather lovely while listening to your favorite metal music.


Price MSRP: $329.00
Historic Range: $179.97-$328.95


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