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Schrade Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife SCHF57

rated 3.5 of 5 stars
photo: Schrade Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife SCHF57 fixed-blade knife


Price MSRP: $29.99
Current Retail: $17.30
Reviewers Paid: $16.99
Steel Type 65MN High Carbon Steel
Handle Material G-10
Sheath Materials Polypropylene Thermoplastic


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The Schrade SCHF57 is a High Carbon Stainless Steel 6.3-inch full tang fixed 2.5-inch Blade Knife with 2.6 inch Drop Point Blade and G-10 handles. I can actually say I love this little guy.

Designed to be a multi-carry option.


  • Lightweight
  • Thick blade
  • Durable
  • Multi-carry options
  • Small blade


  • Needs to be sharpened regularly
  • Sheath retention
  • Sheath design has little options
  • Small blade

                                     Schrade SCHF57  2.5" inch Blade Knife

 A very good 2.5 inch Bushcraft Knife that doesn't break the bank


Schrade SCHF57 6.3 inch Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife w/                                  2.6 inch Drop Point Blade and G-10 Handle.


  1. Blade Length: 2.50"
  2. Overall Length: 6.125"
  3. Blade Thickness: 0.15"
  4. Blade Material: 65Mn
  5. Blade Style: Drop Point
  6. Blade Grind: Hollow
  7. Finish: Black
  8. Handle Length: 3.625"
  9. Handle Thickness: 0.46"
  10. Handle Material: G-10
  11. Color: Black
  12. Weight: 3.94 oz.
  13. User: Right or Left Hand usage
  14. Knife Type: Fixed Blade
  15. Sheath: Polymer

The Schrade SCHF57 is a Full Tang 2.5 inch Fixed Blade 65 Mn High Carbon Steel Knife. Although many of you may be startled by its small size, it is the size that makes this knife so appealing to many campers, Bushcrafters, and ultralight campers. This knife's small stature and the added thumb rest and Jimping allows for precise Bushcraft work. 

Solid grip with good thumb rest and jimping on back of blade

Every year on my birthday, I buy myself an outdoor / edc  knife, only this year even after the process of elimination I still ended up with two choices instead of just one. I was pushing towards a new knife company out there, Oerla and this Shrade knife, a brand very well known but new to me personally. I just couldn't make up my  mind and since life is too short to waste time going back and forth I decided to get both. And I am glad I did.

Thick blade for its size  and you can see the jimping on the handle portion and thumb rest on the blade.

 The Schrade SCHF57 feels very sturdy in the hand. Nothing I did and not even the weather affected my capability to grip or wield this little guy for a huge array of daily tasks. Its small size and the added thumb rest and Jimping on handle portion allowed for detailed and delicate Bushcraft tasks. I was really impressed how well it handled with all my tasks and for the fact that it could even be used to cut medium sized branches via baton method.


The belt holder loop can be removed and repositioned for multiple carry placement options or can be removed entirely for alternate mounting hardware. The lanyard holes can also be used for carrying around your neck or for better securing.  

Removing these 2 screws allows you to rotate the sheath belt loop attachment at 90 degree intervals for multi-carry options

This next part of the review may sound contradicting, but this Schrade is lightweight but it also feels like it has a good weight to it for its size. Think of having a solid piece of metal like a crowbar being held in your hands. It will feel hefty but now imagine that it is cut to match the length of this knife. Point being, this knife is like a shorter version where the handle and blade length are shortened but the rest of the knifes dimensions remain the same.


The Schrade  SCHF57 is a very versatile, well made, comfortable full tang fixed blade knife and weighing under 4 oz. and bearing a 2.5" blade this little guy is able to be carried in most states and ready at a moment's notice to do any of your outdoor daily tasks. With exception of splitting a large log, I was able to handle every task with ease

It will need to be sharpened regularly after doing some more of the heavy duty Bushcraft work. My only real negative thing to say about this knife is the sheath retention. Although I have yet had the knife fall out of its sheath, I personally find it not to be as tight of a fit as I would like. Again this is only a personal observation and preference, but it is because of this that I am reluctant to wear this knife upside down around my neck. I still can carry it around my neck  just right side up using the sheath's lanyard holes.

Schrade SCHF57 holstered in sheath
 I reduced my ratings to 3.5 from 4.5 due to the sheath retention being lacking in my opinion and how often this knife will need to be sharpened. Despite only being 3.5 stars in my review, I really am excited about this knife.




I have owned this knife for the past month and swapped my usual edc knife with this one for the sake of this review. In doing so I have created another problem which is: Am I going to switch back to my former edc knife or do I stay with this one? That, I will have to get back to my readers at a later time.

This is actually my first time owning a SCHRADE knife and I am very happy with my choice. I was given enough time to evaluate the SCHF57 since where I purchased this knife from had an extended return window if I was unhappy with it. Turns out, I am glad I bought it and will use it on day trips or campsite camping and will hold on to my main EDC for backpack camping.

I do suggest that when one is going to go on a long trail, to cut a piece of paper about 1 inch high 2 inch wide- fold in half, length wise and insert it into the sheath for better retention, or at least in my situation, peace of mind (again the knife has yet to fall out of its sheath, but I personally prefer more stiffness when removing a knife from its sheath).

This knife is perfect for beginners or for those well seasoned in Bushcraft. It is also a great starter knife for when parents decide to introduce knives to their children (I strongly advise against using folding knives and pocket knives for children. Every single minor injury I ever had as a kid was with a small pocket knife or folding knife and never once with my 6 inch Survival Knife )

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $16.99

Jake W

Nice review Michael. I'm interested to see how this one holds up long term with the Chinese made steel. Also, have you had any issues with it in wetter weather or cooking, for example, as the the corrosion resistance of 65Mn is pretty bad. I guess at the lower price range it won't be a big deal either way?

29 days ago
Michael -Survival Intuition

This knife has a black rust prevention coating on the blade and the only main concern is with the actual bottom of the blade cutting area. Drying it off when finished and applying oil will keep this little guy rust free for years of enjoyment.
Luckily I have been using carbon steel kitchen knives since I was a young child as my father did a lot of cooking so I am use to the proper handling & care of carbon steel blades. And Jake I agree with you at this price range which is about 1/10 the price of most of my other knives it doesn't make it a huge deal.

29 days ago
Nicholas Carson

i had a carbon knife once. very sharp. it was a smith & wesson was a bigger knife than this one but was a thick blade like this knife. loved it but gave it to a friend who loved it more

28 days ago
Nicholas Carson

my carbon knife also black coating on the blade as well

28 days ago

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