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Titanium Wood Stove - Medium

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Lightweight, packable, easy to assemble, titanium wood stove for hot tent winter camping. Not a cheap investment, but if you enjoy winter camping and getting out in the snow well worth the cost. I had bought 12 yards of silpoly seconds for a great price and decided to sew myself a hot tent. So after looking at some different stove options I decided the Seek Outside Medium Titanium Wood Stove would be the right size for what I had in mind. It isn't the cheapest, nor the lightest available, but after… Full review

Unaweep 6300

rated 4.5 of 5 stars This bag is designed as a load hauler for backcountry big game hunting, so large, heavy loads are not an issue. Made to be comfortable with 100 lbs or more, smaller loads ride very well on or off trail. Great for cold weather gear, expedition style multi-week food bags, and can be used to carry hard to pack loads outside the bag. Note: Seek Outside is constantly updating their product lines, adding and removing features as they react to customer input. This review is for a pack I had made to order… Full review

Paradox Evolution 4800

rated 5 of 5 stars I missed my external packs from the days long ago, until I found this one. It articulates as good or better than any of my internal frame packs and best of all, THE HIP BELT WILL NOT SLIP. I know, an amazing assertion, but true. PARADOX PACK by SEEKOUTSIDE 4800 WITH BASE TALON I found out about this external frame pack that feels like an internal frame on BACKPACKINGLIGHT. That (and other reviews, I read them all) haunted me until I purchased one and tried it out. It boasted an external aluminum… Full review

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Seek Outside produces lightweight backpacking tents, stove and other gear for adventurous souls.


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