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Metolius Equalizer Sling

I got this out of curiosity (couldn't find any reviews on it at the time). There is no need for this piece of gear. It is actually bulkier and every bit as heavy as a 21' 8mm nylon cordelette. A cordelette offers more equilization options as well as safer equalization options. As an anchor equalization method this is really not a good choice. As a really long sling the equalizer sling is mildly useful (you can sling large trees with ease or make emergency harnesses) but realistically it has no place… Full review

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Metolius Equalizer Sling
$30 - $34
BlueWater Ropes Titan Runner
Metolius Monster Sling
$6 - $12
Trango Nylon Sling
$5 - $6
Petzl St'Anneau Sling
CAMP Express Dyneema Sling
$8 - $17
Trango Simple Sling
Black Diamond Vari-width Dogbones
Trango Low Bulk Slings
$9 - $14
Petzl Finesse Sling
Black Diamond Standard Dogbone
Sterling Rope Nylon Slings
Sterling Rope Chain Reactor
$20 - $27
Sterling Rope Rabbit Runner 1" Flat
Mammut Belay Sling Polyamid 19 mm
Edelrid Adjustable Belay Station Sling
BlueWater Ropes Heavy Duty Anchor Sling
Petzl Nitro 3
Mammut Tubular Sling 16.0
Sterling Rope Chain Reactor Pro
Petzl Pur'anneau Sling
$10 - $12
CAMP Sling Stop KS Dyneema
Petzl Anneau Sling
$8 - $10
Petzl Connect Adjust Lanyard
$50 - $64
Petzl Scorpio Vertigo Lanyard
Metolius 18mm Nylon Sling
$4 - $14
Black Diamond Diamond Dogbone
Metolius Rabbit Runner
Trango Alpine Equalizer
Petzl Express
Metolius Anchor Chain
Petzl Dual Connect Adjust Lanyard
Petzl Spelegyca Lanyard
Black Diamond Dynex Dogbone
Black Diamond 10mm Dynex Runner
$7 - $14
Black Diamond Nylon Runner
$4 - $14
DMM Ripstop
Mammut Crag Express Sling
Mammut Crag Indicator Express Sling
Petzl Fin'Anneau Sling
$24 MSRP
CAMP Sling Stop KS Nylon
Wild Country 10mm Dyneema Sling
Wild Country 12mm Dyneema Sling
Mammut Tubular Standard Sling Polyamid 16 mm
Petzl Scorpio Eashook Lanyard
$162 MSRP
Mammut Daisy Chain Dyneema 16 mm
$30 MSRP
Black Diamond Diamond Vari-width Dogbone
Sterling Rope Chain Reactor Long
Petzl Nitro
$40 MSRP
CAMP Express Dyneema Dogbone

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