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Sierra Designs Arrow Rock 30

rated 4.0 of 5 stars
photo: Sierra Designs Arrow Rock 30 3-season down sleeping bag


Regular Long
Price MSRP: $219.95
Historic Range: $129.95-$269.95
Reviewers Paid: $125.00
Weight 2 lb 4 oz / 1000 g 2 lb 7 oz / 1100 g
Fill weight 1 lb 1 oz / 480 g 1 lb 3 oz / 540 g
Temperature Rating 30° F / - 1° C 30° F / - 1° C
EN Comfort 36° F / 2° C 36° F / 2° C
EN Lower Limit 25° F / - 4° C 25° F / - 4° C
EN Extreme - 6° F / - 21° C - 6° F / - 21° C
Fill 600 Fill-Power Down 600 Fill-Power Down
Shape Mummy Mummy
Max user height 6 ft 0 in / 180 cm 6 ft 6 in / 200 cm
Shoulder Girth 57 - 65 in / 140 - 170 cm 59 - 67 in / 150 - 170 cm
Hip Girth 53 - 61 in / 130 - 150 cm 55 - 63 in / 140 - 160 cm
Foot Girth 35 - 43 in / 89 -110 cm 37 - 45 in / 94 - 114 cm
Price $219.95 USD $239.95


2 reviews
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4-star:   2
3-star:   0
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1-star:   0

After my first trip last year using a standard Sierra Designs mummy bag, I was impressed with their product, however I found I wasn't fond of the mummy style. In searching for a replacement bag, I came across the SD Arrow Rock Flex bag and am very pleased so far.

I sacrificed 10 degrees in rating when I switched bags, but I gained at least 20% in freedom. The ability to comfortably side sleep, or my typical "figure 4" - one leg raised at an angle with foot at opposite knee was well worth it. I have only slept in it two nights.

The only reason I am not going with 5 stars is because I got a bit chilled right about 35 degrees.

I would have probably rather gone with the 15 deg version, but with the steal I got on the 30, I couldn't pass it up. If you are an active sleeper like myself and not a big fan of mummy bags, give this one a try.

Design: mummy
Fill: 600
Temperature Rating: 30
Price Paid: $125

This bag rocks! I refer to it as my cloud; I sleep in it more often than I sleep in my comforter, either in my tent or in my bed!


  • Cozy
  • Compact
  • Lightweight

This is a fantastic summer bag that I've renamed my "cloud". It says that its lower comfort rating is -1°C, but I've only used it to about 4°C and I've been great. It's got enough stretch that you can move around a bit in it, and it compresses perfectly into the size small Sea to Summit eVent compression sack (that's 10L down to 3.3)! When I take it out, it lofts back up beautifully.

I'm 5'7", and the maximum height for the Regular bag is 6'0", so I obviously fit in it fine (though I would love to see more companies making bags in the 5'10" range). The hood is great and you can cinch it up if you get cold; there is no neck baffle, which some people may find off-putting, but I have never needed one in the summer. It also has some handy little straps to connect to your sleeping pad, which can be quite beneficial if you like to thrash around in your sleep like me. The double zip is also an important feature that I find most reviews overlook; I like my feet to breathe when I sleep, and this bag definitely accommodates. I've only had trouble with the zipper once or twice, but it seemed to resolve itself.

I'm going on my fourth summer with this bag, and my only complaint is that it's starting to lose some down, though I think that this is pretty common if you are compressing and using this bag as often as I am (last year I lived in my tent for 8/12 months, and was frequently changing camp). Even now that I am back in school, I use this on my bed more often then I sleep in my actual comforter.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Source: tried it in the store

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