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Mummy 1.5 Litecore

rated 5 of 5 stars Like I said this is a must have pad! The price is very good, the quality is that of a pad that is way more than triple the price! I have bought several pads in my years of hiking and backpacking and all I can say is this is the best deal for your money!!!! There is not a stuff sack but it comes with some straps with loops on them and makes attaching it fast and easy and it rolls up very good. I got it, let it self inflate, and laid on it to test it, about 20 min later woke up and was amazed! I highly… Full review

Mummy 1.5 Litecore

rated 5 of 5 stars LOVE IT!!! Cannot believe the difference! I was hesitating to buy a new pad, but figured this pad was worth the risk with the inexpensive price, I really didn't feel like I was taking a big chance, and plus, they said they would take a return if it's not used. SO GLAD I DID!!! They sort-of UNDERstate the quality...not sure if they're doing that to keep customers pleasantly surprised or what, but I think it's warmer than what they estimated, and on my scale at home it's only 1 lb, and I think actually… Full review

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