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Solukhumbu Mummy 1.5 Litecore


Price Reviewers Paid: $28.85-$30.00


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Like I said this is a must have pad! The price is very good, the quality is that of a pad that is way more than triple the price! I have bought several pads in my years of hiking and backpacking and all I can say is this is the best deal for your money!!!!

There is not a stuff sack but it comes with some straps with loops on them and makes attaching it fast and easy and it rolls up very good. I got it, let it self inflate, and laid on it to test it, about 20 min later woke up and was amazed!

I highly recommend it to anyone!!!! I found mine on ebay from a seller called swampflygear he is a great seller and very good to do business with as well. Like I said, BEST pad, BEST deal and a great seller.

Design: 3 lbs or less
Fill: about 6 foot tall...
Temperature Rating: dont know... good ones.
Price Paid: $30

LOVE IT!!! Cannot believe the difference!

I was hesitating to buy a new pad, but figured this pad was worth the risk with the inexpensive price, I really didn't feel like I was taking a big chance, and plus, they said they would take a return if it's not used.

SO GLAD I DID!!! They sort-of UNDERstate the quality...not sure if they're doing that to keep customers pleasantly surprised or what, but I think it's warmer than what they estimated, and on my scale at home it's only 1 lb, and I think actually even less, but I don't have a super accurate scale that measures into the ounces.

Anyway, not sure why I was putting this off for so long. I've used it now on 7 trips, each a 2-3 night trip, and even accidentally threw it on top of a thorn when I took off my pack, but no punctures, leaks, or anything. My old pad had valve problems, and despite a warranty on the old pad, they told me it would be over $17 to fix it, PLUS shipping, weird warranty....this feels like a way better way to go.

Anyway, love the pad, definitely recommend it for people who need to hike a ways which I like to do. My girlfriend is going with on my next trip, and I ordered the same one for her...the straps should loop around to connect them together.

P.S. Name brand is SOLUKHUMBU, couldn't find it here, that's for sure the name.

Price Paid: $28.85

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