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Soto Amicus without Igniter

photo: Soto Amicus without Igniter compressed fuel canister stove


Price Current Retail: $39.95
Historic Range: $39.95


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  • Good wind resistance
  • Light and compact
  • Superb build quality
  • Stable pot supports
  • Superb flame control


  • None

I bought this after being disappointed with the Optimus Crux Lite and after reading lots of reviews. It turns out it was the right choice; this is superior in every way. 

Flame adjustment is fine and accurate, wind resistance is good thanks to its concave burner, and pot stability is improved by having four pot supports instead of the normal three. 

While being light and compact, the build quality is superb, it feels well made, and at the same time competetively priced. 

This is now part of a compact kit comprising stove, gas canister, GSI Minimalist pot, lighter and Optimus clip-on windshield. 

This setup works well in windy conditions. Maybe not quite as as effective as a Jetboil. I found the 100g canisters expensive, so now I buy the bayonet aerosol type at less than a quarter of the price per gram and with an adapter use them to refill these small flat ones. 

Source: bought it new


Thanks for the reviews of your kit, Dimitrios. I'm curious to see some pictures of your pot-stove setup, if you're willing to share some in your reviews.

1 month ago

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