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STABILicers Hike XP

rated 4 of 5 stars The STABILicers Hike XP are perfect for the snow and ice on sidewalks or trails. Easy on and off makes them useful where the conditions may vary from snow/ice and then transition to hard surfaces where you want to just remove them. They slip over your winter shoes or boots easily. These slip-on traction devices worked very well this winter while we were walking in our neighborhood in Truckee, California. Although the roads were often plowed, the surface of the road, and our sloping driveway remained… Full review

Stabil Stride

rated 4 of 5 stars These lightweight telescoping poles are highly adaptable and adjustable. They performed well and were very easy to transport in carry-on or checked luggage. The power lock mechanism afforded very convenient and secure length adjustment. Great for international or local hiking. These STABIL Stride four-season hiking poles were provided for trial and trial I did—Mammoth Mountain for summer hiking and forested terrain, Castle Peak at Donner Summit for rocks and steep terrain, and Mont Blanc for… Full review

STABILicers Original

rated 3.5 of 5 stars I have utilized various traction systems over the past years, to gain traction while hiking, walking on icy driveways, shoveling snow, and kicksledding. Each system has pros and cons. The Stabilicers seem best suited to non-technical/all-around use (walking around in icy conditions), though I also found them good for kicksledding. They will not be my first choice for uphill winter hiking, but are a durable, easy to use, traction device. When I first received these Stabilicer Maxx Strap-on Ice traction… Full review

STABILicers Lite

rated 5 of 5 stars I love these Stabilicers!! I walk my dog out on the icy lake and they are a life-saver! No more slipping and sliding. Made of old tire and stainless steel studs, they make me feel very stable and safe. They are very light (8 ounces), and I hardly know that I have them on. They are easily put on and taken off. Wonderful!! Jean Burch, Stetson, Maine Full review

STABILicers Original

rated 5 of 5 stars For the last 10 years there were always the half dozen or so winter hikes in which the upper third of the trail was hard packed snow and ice. Most of my winter hikes involve 2-3000 ft elevation gain. Depending on the trail and the conditions, these sections were what I affectionately referred to as the “toboggan run”. These were (are) always dicey going up and sometimes treacherous coming down; even with hiking poles. Last spring I vowed no more. I purchased a pair of Stabilicers on sale at… Full review

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STABIL was formerly known as 32north.

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