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SteriPEN Journey LCD

photo: SteriPEN Journey LCD water purifier


Price MSRP: $129.95
Historic Range: $67.94-$129.95
Reviewers Paid: $70.00-$100.00
Weight 139 g (4.9 oz.) with batteries.
Dimensions 18.6 cm (7.3 in.) in length, 4.1 cm (1.6 in.) in width, and 3.3 cm (1.3 in.) in depth.
Battery 2 CR123 batteries (included)


4 reviews
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Stopped working after only 2 liters in the backcountry.


  • Lightweight


  • Quit working after first day

So I filmed this video clip while on the River-to-River Trail. I'm pretty mad.

To further explain, it arrived a couple weeks before my trip. I tested it at home to make sure everything was working right. Three days before my trip, I demonstrated it to my Cub Scout den, as we were learning about the "Ten Essentials."

On the first day on the trail, we stopped to refill water bottles. It took multiple attempts to get it to work. I kept getting the "Frown Face." Finally, it purified 2 liters.

The next morning, I handed it to my buddy and left him to take care of water while I made breakfast. He came to me a few minutes later and said the battery light was coming on. So after only 2 liters (plus the 2 I tested at home), the battery was dead.

We finished the week using purifying tablets. The taste is nasty, but I think that's my new ultralight solution.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $70

Bill "L.Dog" Garlinghouse

Met a couple hiking the AT southbound in Maine. Well, he was hiking the AT. She was doing the the 100-Mile Wilderness. Second day in, their steripen battery crapped out, and he was carrying the wrong replacement. His response was to haul ass thru the wilderness as quickly as possible. I predict she'll never hike with him again ...

8 years ago

There is plenty of items that, if they stop working, are a mere inconvenience (Rats! My tent leaked!) but water is an essential, and I find what happened to be unacceptable.

8 years ago
Bill "L.Dog" Garlinghouse

Agree wholeheartedly. And there are so many such stories, that SteriPen has a long journey to regain trust.

8 years ago

"There ARE plenty of items..." I did learn grammar at one time. :P

8 years ago

I have owned the Steripen Adventurer for about a decade, and it has performed very very well, with good battery life. With the Journey LCD, I had the same battery probs described by the other reviewers.

My conclusion is that the Journey somehow drains batteries when not in use. I had a headlamp like that—it's now in the landfill. By flipping one battery when not in use (so it couldn't make a circuit), I seemed to get a little more life out of it.


  • UV sterilization is the state of the art
  • Get the Steripen Adventurer instead


  • It sucks down the batteries in no time

I do like the LCD display, but I am back to using my Adventurer rather than the Journey.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: on sale at REI


Welcome to Trailspace, C Moore. Thanks for the review. It would be great to read a review of your Adventurer too:

3 years ago

I bought this unit to replace a water filter when its valve tore after several months of hard use on the AT. The first 8 liters went well, then the battery went flat. 3 more pairs of new batteries would only treat 2-4 liters of water before they also were flat according to the device. I kept the batteries in my underwear to keep them warm, and this worked for 2 more liters.

A waste of money and I'll never buy another one.

Price Paid: US$100

I thought that this was one of the coolest products I had seen in awhile when I bought it. But this weekend I took it out for the first time, only to find it doesn't work! At home I purified several liters of water no problem. But on the trail I couldn't get the damn thing to work! I ended up having to boil 4 liters of water! I don't recommend anybody get one.

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