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Health Touch Heart Rate

rated 2 of 5 stars The Timex Health Touch Heart Rate Monitor Watch fails to provide any serious usefulness to runners. This review will show that, not only does the Heart Rate Monitor function fail to work well, the watch is lacking because of the HRM's glitches. I purchased the Timex Health Touch 11 weeks ago as a training tool to help prepare for my climb of Mt. Rainier next year. This HRM/watch had mixed reviews on Amazon, but the price was right for a guy not looking to spend big bucks to know if he is in his… Full review

Expedition WS4

rated 3 of 5 stars A nice watch that is quite large on the wrist. Does quite well for casual use, but the functions such as altimeter, compass and thermometer are very inaccurate. I got this watch in late 2011 because it was the cheapest altimeter I could find... bad idea. It works great as a casual watch, other than being quite large. I think it looks quite nice, and recieved compliments about it, though more often people ask what in all the contraption on my wrist does! The functions are intuitive and easy to use… Full review

Adventure Tech Altimeter

rated 4 of 5 stars This is the first such altimeter watch I have owned. I have read that the band is wimpy and the altimeter is inaccurate but I haven't had any problems with mine. Naturally it needs calibration pretty much daily, its really just a barometer and when the barometer changes so does the altitude. Mine is never off more than a hundred feet or so if I keep up with calibration, which I don't. I do like the weather icon function and, based on my observations, its pretty accurate. Of course there is more… Full review

Expedition WS4

rated 4 of 5 stars Timex provided me with two of their outdoor watches at the Outdoor Retailer Show for review. They are the Expedition WS-4 and the Expedition e-Altimeter (W257). The e-Altimeter is one of several "analog" watches with special instrumentation for various aspects of outdoor use. The series is really a "street" watch, more for showing your "lifestyle" than for real use in the outdoors. The watch itself is rather large and heavy on the wrist, although you get used to it after a while. While the altitude… Full review

Adventure Tech Altimeter

Worst altimeter on the market. Notoriously inaccurate at all barometric pressures. Other functions are okay but I took this on an expedition and was laughed at for its gross inaccuracy in elevations. I'm talking thousands of feet off despite constant calibration. Full review

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