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Trangia Hard Anodized Stove Kit

photo: Trangia Hard Anodized Stove Kit alcohol stove


Price Historic Range: $99.00-$126.00
Reviewers Paid: $117.00


2 reviews
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I am a fan of Tragia cook sets. I own this set in the 27 and also own the Mini-T 28. Both are great and have different uses. This one, the 27 series size, is especially nice. Makes a nice camp kitchen set or base-camp trail kitchen set. Very easy to use. Can buy fuel anywhere.


  • Does what it is designed to do and does it well.
  • Super easy to use, bullet proof cooking.
  • Serves up more than you would think it would for its size.
  • Can cook whole meals on the trails, not just trail foods.
  • Simple and timeless styling.
  • Packs easy for day/weekend hikes or tent camping.
  • Easy to light. Self contained system, space saver.
  • No parts to break. Works when others often fail.


  • Some people think it is too heavy for backpacks, I don't.
  • Pack in a dry/waterproof bag because of soot deposits.
  • You need an extra wrap-around windscreen.

I pretty much agree with all the 5 star reviews for this and the other Trangia cooksets.

Setup is a breeze! No parts to break and it does what it was designed to do...deliver fully cooked foods in a self contained set for the Trekker or Roadie.  

Easy to use and you can buy fuel anywhere, here in the U.S. and other countries! One of the few cooking stove systems you can take on an airplane (without fuel, of course).  And you can enter into most every country with it (without fuel, of course).  

BTW, that reminds me, the Trangia cook sets are very popular outside of the U.S. That said, take two if possible. Someone will always want yours and giving it or trading it can come in handy in a pinch! :)

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $117


Thanks for sharing this review, Pamela. I'd love to see some pictures of what's included in yours.

6 years ago

This is a good set. I've used them before. Thanks for the review.

6 years ago

Alice... Everything you see in the photo is included in my set pluss I added two of the trangia mess kit boxes, the ones without the handles attached to them. My plan is to take one of the mess kit boxes and convert it into a mini-grill to be used for grilled hotdogs or little Ka-bobs or little half-ears of corn on the cob. Should work great wrapped in tin foil. That's the plan away :) Pictures, I don't think I have pictures of the 27 series. I should take some and post them. Cooking with the Trangia is not a stove you can walk away from while cooking. So I will take some photos with the camera on my tripod set on continous mode setting. That will work. If you are a member of I have photos of my Mini-T 28 in use on there using a Stanley Adventure Series Cookset tall-pot. We were hiking the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia, a nice day trip use. Do a search for CamerGirlUSA on I'm soon to be heading to the Florida beaches and will have plenty of photos using both the Trangia 27 and the Mini-T 28. Will be gone about 30 days and will use them both as my kitchen set up.

6 years ago

Thanks, Pamela.

6 years ago

Very light and great, but the HA made my pancakes stick to the pan and make a mess. Buy the non-stick pan.


  • Weight
  • Ease of use


  • HA made my pancakes stick to the pan and make a mess. Buy the non-stick pan.

The hard anodised made a mess of pancakes: I purchased a 27 and 25 ultra light hard anodised (UL HA). I had the plain aluminium version for the 25 model and non-stick for the 27 model. I tried to make pancakes using the new HA pan and the pancakes stuck to the pan. Trying to pry them off just made a mess. I used lots of oil and tried lowering the heat, but it still stuck.

The HA pots did not stick for I was cooking a stew with lots of liquid. I have put my old pans onto my new set, so the lightweight pots and windshield are great, its just the pan that is the problem. Even my old aluminium pan did not stick pancakes. The HA does not like pancakes!

Source: bought it new


Thanks for sharing your experience with these pans, Steven.

2 years ago

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