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25-3 UL

rated 5 of 5 stars This stove system cooks anything nicely. It is easy to do real cooking with fresh, healthy ingredients. I like this stove best for car camping. In it, you can make anything you can make in your kitchen at home. I have fried hamburgers and chicken, tacos, cooked vegetables, made rice w/o burning it, soups, etc. It is also ideal for pancakes. If you get the uncoated aluminum pans, you can even bake with it. I have baked homemade pizza many times with this burner and an uncoated, foil covered aluminum… Full review

Mini Trangia

rated 4 of 5 stars I use a Liberty Mountain pot stand and a small wind screen from Amazon that is 5'' high. The reason for my type of pot stand is that I can adjust the simmer ring a whole lot easier. It is just a GREAT cook set. Sometimes, for fun, I will use my Svea 123R stove, which works well also, but is heavy and uses white gas (Coleman fuel), but I always go back to the Trangia. Great stove ... seems that I wrote my review in the summary. Nothing else to add. Full review

Mini Trangia

rated 2.5 of 5 stars Lightweight and compact, fuel is cheap, but stove is illegal to use. I was new to ultralight backpacking, so I bought this as my very first camping stove. It was lightweight, minimalist, and the fuel was super cheap. I used it for six or so camping and backpacking trips. My biggest complaints then were fuel inefficiency and fire hazard. (I had to remember to bring foil or something else to make a windscreen with or the flame was out of control when windy.) Then, I learned it was illegal in many… Full review

Fuel Bottle

rated 5 of 5 stars Great fuel container. Very secure and easy to dispense fuel. This is a great fuel container. It's made for alcohol (I've never used it for other liquid fuels) and very tough. I accidentally knocked it off my kitchen counter and it hit a tile-over-concrete floor and never spilled a drop as I had the lid locked close. It's very easy to dispense controlled amounts of fuel with ease due to the shut-off valve. It's my go-to alcohol fuel container when backpacking, as I'm willing to carry the very slight… Full review

25-8 UL/HA

rated 4 of 5 stars Lightweight, packable enough to take even when you won't use it. I am a volunteer for an international boys group ages 11-18. I mention that because while I am doing this review based on my PERSONAL experience, I want you to understand the context of that experience. I camp a bunch. I camp with youth. While that means that I try to help each boy to become more self-reliant, it also means that I am ultimately responsible to ensure dry, warm, fed youths. Over the years that I have been doing this… Full review

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Trangia makes outdoor stoves and accessories.  Trangia  is a part of the AMG outdoor group who's brands include Black's of Greenock, VangoForce TenLichfieldCamping Spares & RepairsPhoenix Gloves, Rossignol and Wayfayrer.

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