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In 1925, John E. Jonsson and his father-in-law founded Trangia, manufacturing aluminum household pots. As camping became more popular in Sweden and the demand for equipment grew the company began focusing on cooking products.

John's sons, Olle and Erik, began working at the company in 1938, and in 1951 Trangia launched the prototype for its first stove system, a compact cooking system that burned alcohol.

Now in its fourth generation, Trangia still manufactures its stove in Trångsviken, the same Swedish village where John E. Jonsson started the business. It offers alcohol and liquid fuel burners with a variety of cooking options.

Trangia's offerings include two series with its Spirit burner or a gas burner, plus pans in different materials (ultralight aluminum, hard anodized ultralight aluminum, non-stick aluminum):

  • Series 25 (3-4 people) consists of two saucepans (1.75 and 1.5 liters), a frypan (Ø220 mm), windshields, a Spirit burner, a pan grip, and a strap. 
  • Series 27 (1-2 people) consists of two saucepans (1.0 liter), a frypan (Ø180 mm), windshields, a Spirit burner, a pan grip, and a strap. 
Trangia is a part of the AMG Outdoor Group.

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