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Trangia Westwind

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The Westwind has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best alcohol stoves for 2024.

photo: Trangia Westwind alcohol stove

Lightweight stove stand needs a windscreen. Works better inverted.


  • Lightweight stable pot stand
  • Works better inverted


  • Needs a windscreen so if you are using the Mini Trangia pot you might as well use the Mini Trangia with a windscreen

Well, the initial test setup was the Mini Trangia set. I used the Mini Trangia pot without frypan lid.

All tests were with 500miL of cold tap water in my backyard. The first boil test was quote disappointing it a rolling boil at 15 minutes 20 secs. I then turned the Westwind Trangia upside down and things started to improve as I'll explain, upside down I got the same test in 10 minutes 05 seconds.
I then thought the Westwind Trangia really needs as windscreen so I added the Vari-Vent Windscreen and got a boil time of 8 mins 15 seconds.

The beers are optional.

I then turned the Westwind upright, with the Vari-Vent windscreen added the boil time was 12 minutes 50 secs, that's 500 mil of cold water. So the Westwind shows promise inverted with a windscreen. You could just use the Mini Trangia and buy a windscreen for it and save yourself some money.

It was 15 degrees temp.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: £23.95

This is probably the cheapest stove you can buy, alcohol is environment friendly and is also one of the cheapest fuel available as well, excluding wood fire.

This stove is very durable, produces more than enough heat (more that most alcohol stove), is very compact and cover has a seal so can be stored with fuel inside. It is also very quiet, making it "zen".

Like any alcohol stove, you cannot see the flame under daylight and it must be on a stable surface when burning as the fuel reservoir is wide open.

Trangia also sell spare seals and covers at a good price.

I've used many types of stoves but this is my only one now.

Price Paid: $12

I use this on all my backpacking trips paired with a lightweight Trangia pan and an alu-foil windshield and paperclip.

This has never failed my, I have three other Trangias, and these have never failed me either.

The brass burner is a little on the heavy side, and I've experimented with other alcohol burners, and tried building my own, but I always come back to this setup. I'll carry the extra weigh, as this thing just works.

Price Paid: 25 USD?

We got one for my daughter. When both my wife and her were using their Trangia West Wind Stove at the same time my wife's worked fine but my daughter's was very slow cooking the same items. Flame appeared the same.

Price Paid: $25

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