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UCO Mini Candle Lantern

photo: UCO Mini Candle Lantern fuel-burning lantern


Price Historic Range: $6.93-$19.95
Reviewers Paid: $9.99-$10.00


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Awesome nonelectric light!


  • Can reduce condensation in a tent
  • Pleasant
  • Can use when a campfire is not allowed
  • Uses inexpensive tea lights


  • Lower size and weight than regular candle lantern, but still more than LEDs
  • Gets hot, so use the chain and be careful!

I bought this as alternative to the Micro because of the potential for the Micro to spill. It doesn’t pack as small as the Micro, but is still smaller and lighter than the regular candle lantern. I like how it uses tea lights, which are super cheap.

Because this one can be hung without a large risk of spilling, it is good for reducing condensation in a tent.  Unfortunately, a tea light won’t quite last all night. I generally just set it up, and if I wake in the early morning hours to condensation, I light it then.

Warning: As the lantern does get hot, it is important to be careful in a tent as tents can burn! (Hanging it by the chain seems to ensure it hangs low enough.) (For those people not familiar with the dangers of candles!)



Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $10


How quickly does it clear the condensation?

5 years ago

Hard to say on how long to clear condensation. I have used it more to prevent condensation in conditions when it was likely i.e. humidity and a big temp drop. I think it would be tougher to dry it up than prevent it in the first place, although I have woken up with condensation a few times, lit it, gone back to sleep and was dry by morning. It definitely makes the tent a little warmer.

5 years ago

I don't know how I lived without this. For years I lugged around a duel fuel lantern, the fuel, and all the required accessories. Now I carry a couple of these babies at home, backpacking, everywhere. Tea candles are 6 cents apiece and I've had them burn for as long as 4 hours and they have citronella. Put a metal coffee cup on top and keeps coffee warm.

Price Paid: $9.99


Nice piece of humorous fiction! You inspire me to try cooking Thanksgiving Dinner over the little lantern!

8 years ago

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