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Vivobarefoot Tracker FG

rated 3.00 of 5 stars
photo: Vivobarefoot Tracker FG hiking boot


Price MSRP: $240.00
Historic Range: $219.01-$249.95
Weight 468.05 g
Price Historic Range: $149.05-$249.95


2 reviews
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A lightweight, comfortable alternative to traditional hiking boots.


  • Zero drop sole
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Good traction
  • Warm in cooler weather
  • Waterproof
  • Roomy in the toebox, snug fit in the heels.
  • VivoBareFoot product information claims a 100-day return policy. No experience with that.


  • Kinda pricey $$$
  • Haven’t found any yet, will update if I do.

I bought the VivoBareFoot Tracker FG after discovering my winter hikers were an uncomfortable fit after a year of a predominantly barefoot lifestyle.

I’ve only had these for about a month but I was won over the very first day. My feet are protected from cold, snow, ice, and slush in a very comfortable manner. Right out of the box they felt "broken in" and flexible. Trail feel is better than I’d expected, traction is adequate (I land mid foot, not on my heels so I can’t say with accuracy how heel striking/pushing off the toes is traction-wise), and my feet have been warm down to -15°C/5°F (thick socks). Sizing is true (European 43/size 10 North American) and my feet are extremely comfortable.

So far I’ve experienced ankle deep slush and puddles (no leaks), the previously mentioned -15C/5F, have hiked and ran snow and ice covered trails, and walked on various surfaces. No blisters, no hotspots, and no discomfort. It was pleasing to discover that an area on the top of my feet that gets pinched/rubs in other boots doesn’t cause me any pain anymore.

When the boots are laced up snugly there seems to be a lot in the way of ankle support. I prefer a looser feeling so I don't lace above the ankles (especially when running); I just use the first hook. I may try lacing to the top when snowshoeing.

51CD9BE8-4581-448F-9383-CDFDE5EC33CD.jpgstock photo from VivoBareFoot

C174AB09-5D1A-46A2-B5DC-25576E945880.jpgright boot is untreated, left boot has just had Zamberlan HydroBloc waterproofing cream applied.


A few decades of outdoor experience...

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $335 Canadian. Free delivery.


Thanks for sharing a review of these, Heath. Have you used other shoes from Vivobarefoot before? Also, I'm curious, how do you think others with no or less barefoot experience would adjust to these? Thanks!

2 years ago
BC Heath

Hi Alicia. I currently do not own any other VivoBareFoot product but am contemplating the RA II to replace my Brogues.

2 years ago
BC Heath

Oops, accidentally posted my response before finishing my response. As to the second question, if a person looking at these feels they need arch support or a tighter fit in the toebox than they might not find these as comfortable as I do. The thinner sole provides me with a feeling of what’s underfoot (roots, rocks, etc) and readily conforms itself to the terrain. If a person contemplating these has weaker feet from padding, arch support, thicker soles, and less flexibility in their boot they may have to go through a transition period...for me they’re comfortable right out of the box.

2 years ago

Thanks, Heath. That's very helpful.

2 years ago

Thought I’d try these because I was tired of traditional heavy, clumpy walking boots. Used the boots every day for walking several dogs around fields and river walks.


  • Good looking
  • Comfy


  • Sole comes away from the boot after few wears and I’ve tried several pair.
  • Not very waterproof

Really poor boot. Sent two pairs back because the sole was coming away from the leather on my third pair and yep, same issue.

I’ve given up contacting Vivobarefoot because it’s just so disappointing. The grip on the boots in muddy conditions is incredibly poor, not good at all. The waterproofing is rubbish.

Basically it's a fashion boot at an overinflated price. At £195 for a pair of boots i expect a whole lot more 👎🏼

first pair 
second pair
Same bonding issues on all the boots. Like I said before, the boots have been replaced twice now. On my third pair, same issue and this is after a couple weeks' wear, less than a month. I would not recommend these boots at all.


Would not recommend for serious walking. There’s a major flaw in the sole bonding to the leather, incredibly slippy in the mud.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: £190


Welcome to Trailspace, Rich. Thanks for sharing your experience with these boots. Too bad they didn't perform better for you. Do you have any pictures of how they failed you could show others in your review? Thanks!

1 year ago
Rich Mullen

Yes I do but don’t know how to post the photo

1 year ago

Here you go, Rich! To add photos to your review:

1. Click the yellow “Edit this review" button at the top or bottom of your review. (You can do this to update your review, add new info, pics, etc.)

2. Click in the Detailed Review section where you’d like to place an image.

3. Click the Insert/Edit Image icon (third from the right, looks like a tree) at the top of the Detailed Review section.

4. Select a photo you’ve a) already uploaded to Trailspace or b) a new photo to upload; then click Insert. (You can select more than one image at a time.)

5. The image will be inserted in your review with a space for a Caption. You can edit the “Caption” text, or delete it if you don’t want a caption. You also can cut and paste the image in a new spot of the review, if you want.

6. Once done with your review edits, click the “Save Your Changes” button at the bottom of your review.

I hope that helps.

1 year ago
Rich Mullen

Thanks, done 👍🏼

1 year ago

Thanks for sharing your experience with these boots, though it's too bad it went so poorly for you. Good luck!

1 year ago
Rich Mullen

Definite no don’t buy them

1 year ago

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