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Voormi River Run Hoodie

photo: Voormi River Run Hoodie base layer top


Price MSRP: $129.00
Current Retail: $129.00
Fabric Weight 100 g/m2
Garment Weight 186 g / 7 oz (men's large)
Fit relaxed fit
Origin Made in the USA
Price MSRP: $129.00
Current Retail: $129.00
Fabric Weight 100 g/m2
Garment Weight 152 g / 5 oz (women's medium)
Fit women's specific athletic fit
Origin Made in the USA


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Who needs another baselayer or hoodie? Apparently I do. After three months of use the Voormi River Run Hoodie has become a standout in my baselayer collection. It's a versatile, lightweight, wool-polyester top that is comfortable, well-constructed, good-looking, and odor-free. While it's a minimalist design, it performs in a wide range of temps and terrain—from summer hiking to fall camping, and I'm planning to keep it in rotation for winter runs and skis.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Well-constructed
  • Good looking
  • No stink
  • UPF 30
  • Made in America


  • Cost
  • Some might not like the large hood or button, I do
Women's Voormi River Run Hoodie

I have a lot of base layers and tops in wool, polyester, and blends. So I wasn't sure I'd have enough use to test out the Voormi River Run Hoodie. I was wrong. After wearing this lightweight merino-poly top for nearly three months I am a avid, non-stinky fan...of this comfy outdoor hoodie.

The River Run Hoodie is designed for spring and summer outdoor adventures, such as fishing, hiking, camping, and climbing. However, I keep finding more uses for mine in fall and as winter approaches here in northern New England. With the right layers and use this hoodie can be versatile year-round, and I'm planning to keep mine in rotation for winter runs, nordic skiing, and uphill skinning in Maine.

On a fall summit


The River Run Hoodie is a lightweight top designed for spring and summer. It has a fabric weight of 100 g/m and is made from Voormi's "UAL SURFACE UL Precision Blended Wool," which combines wool (52%) and polyester (48%). Basically, it has a thin inner layer of polyester next to your skin that helps pull moisture away from your body to the outer-facing wool surface, where it's dispersed by wind or temperature to help you stay dry. Good for summer or anytime.

With its light weight and a UPF 30 rating, you can use it as a sun hoody while hiking, paddling, fishing, or climbing under the summer sun. However, you needn't limit your use of this baselayer to summer (see Performance below).

All Voormi pieces are made in the U.S. in either Pagosa Springs, Colorado, or Bozeman, Montana. The company sources its wool from Colorado, Montana, New Zealand, and Europe. 

  • Material: wool (52%) / polyester (48%)
  • UPF 30
  • Made in America
Voormi makes all of its apparel in America.


The River Run Hoodie hits the right spot for me between fitted for performance and loose enough not to hinder. It comes in women's (XS-XL) and men's (S-XXL) sizing, though the fit differs between genders. The women's hoodie I'm testing is a more form-fitting women's specific "Athletic Fit," while the men's is a "Relaxed Fit."

Despite being more fitted than the men's, my women's medium isn't tight or snug. It still has a slightly relaxed fit. I can easily layer it over another baselayer or two, which is good since this top works well for layering in a range of temps.

Buttoning up in the wind

It has a "Relaxed Full Cover Hood," which seemed baggy at first glance, but I quickly found it fits well over a beanie or trucker hat when needed, while draping nicely when not in use. I never notice the hood when it's down and it doesn't flop around.

There's a button at the throat to cinch if you're using the hood, or if you need to keep out the flies. I think the button adds some unique style instead of being yet another quarter zip. I am keeping an eye on it to see if the button comes loose over time, but so far it is holding strong, and if I did lose a button, that's an easy repair.

Since Voormi intends this hoodie for a range of outdoor activities, I also tried it on with a climbing helmet and a ski helmet. The hood fit easily over both helmets, though it would be snug where you close the button. The thin hood would easily fit under a helmet.


Performance and Comfort

Wool is an excellent natural temperature regulator and polyester draws moisture away from the skin. Together this hoodie keeps you dry, warm, and comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. It also dries quickly if it gets wet from water or sweat.

I can put this hoodie on at the summit of a summer hike when the wind picks up and temps drop, and then descend without needing to yank it off right away as soon as I start heating up. I've kept it on for several hours of hiking or walking at a time, even as temps and my exertion changed.

It has integrated thumb loops, which I appreciate in cooler temps. Since they're a small, stretchy elastic you can ignore them if you don't use them.

Thumb loops

Overall this hoodie is breathable. It's warm for its weight. It's moisture-regulating. It keeps you dry. I've found the River Run Hoodie to be far more versatile than its spring/summer designation suggests.

Durability and Care

This is a lightweight wool-polyester top, so keep that in mind and take some care. That said, I have worn mine hiking, camping, and working from home for nearly three months with no signs of pilling or pulling.

While I would not go berry-picking in the brambles or bushwhacking in it, it has held up surprisingly well to my frequent trail and outdoor usage.

No fraying at the hems

Even though it's not 100 percent wool, you can wear this hoodie many times without washing it. I have only washed my top three times. The first time I did it without thinking (cold, delicate, hang dry) not because it needed it. The second time because I had to help jack up a car and didn't want car dirt to permanently stain it.

Then I decided to not wash it for several weeks. I only washed it again once it was dirty after several days of camping and hiking. It still didn't smell. 

Despite containing wool, which can hang onto moisture, this top dries quickly, especially outdoors with some wind. Its light weight and polyester work to keep you dry if you get wet from water or sweat, maybe not quite as fast as a comparable 100% synthetic top, but close enough that I don't notice.

You can wash it, but you won't need to often. I hang mine to dry.

When I use my hoodie for more aerobic (i.e. sweaty) uses, such as cold-weather running, Nordic skiing, or skinning uphill, I suspect I'll wash it more regularly. But at this point I've never noticed a whiff of stink, and none of my loved ones have mentioned any either (and they would say something). 

Layering for fall

Best For

I've been wearing the Voormi River Run Hoodie hiking, walking, camping, and hanging out in the summer and now fall here in Maine. It's a great just-in-case top for warmer weather, such as when you reach the summit on a summer day hike. It's continued to be a great layer for cool weather. I've worn mine on multiple hikes and walks in Maine from the heat of August and now down into the 40s.

It's lightweight, so I wouldn't consider it a primary winter base layer, but, I'm planning to try mine as a running top this winter in Maine, with other layers.

I think it would also work well for paddling, fishing, and climbing, particularly as a sun hoody (it is called River Run for a reason).

All of this comes at a significant price ($129), but if it's in your budget you'll get a well-constructed, comfortable, versatile top with the potential for year-round use outdoors. Plus, you'll be supporting a brand that makes its apparel in America.

I do not need another top, but I love and choose to keep wearing the River Run Hoodie, despite a drawerful of alternates. It has a clean minimal look that belies its high performance and I keep returning to it again and again. While I could pack it away for winter, I'm keeping mine in rotation and am eager to see how it performs this winter.

Hood down
Hood up


I've been wearing the Voormi River Run Hoodie for three summer to fall months in Maine for hikes. walks, and camping. I've also worn it a lot while working from home. I plan to keep using it for higher aerobic actives like running, cross-country skiing, and uphill skinning this winter.

Source: received for testing via the Trailspace Review Corps (Sample for testing and review provided by Voormi)

About the Author

Alicia MacLeay is the co-founder and editor of Trailspace. A native New Englander, she can usually be found outside running, skiing, hiking, and taking photographs in the woods, on trails and mountains. You can also find her photography and outdoor musings at Outdoor Calling and on Instagram.

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