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Minipresso GR

rated 4 of 5 stars It really produces a nice espresso. It's remarkable from this little "presso". Cleaning-wise it's a little hassle, but again the richness of flavor still outweighs this. Besides being a little weighty, my primary issue is the temperature of the final product. You have to be careful to pre-heat your coffee cup, and perform a pre-brewing warming run with your heated water prior to actually making your expresso. Even pre-heating if your are after a really hot cup, you may need to do some post "brewing"… Full review

Minipresso GR

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A compact, portable espresso maker that brings a touch of luxury to the backcountry. Best for outdoor recreation enthusiasts who like real espresso in the backcountry. Introduction The Minipresso is a squat, black cylinder, approximately 7 inches long and about 8 inches in diameter. It weighs about 12.6 ounces and has a comforting heft in the hand—like weapon or some sort? In fact, it is an extremely effective weapon against fatigue and against the bitter experience of sub-par coffee. The Minipresso… Full review

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