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Wenzel Reverie Mummy 30

photo: Wenzel Reverie Mummy 30 3-season synthetic sleeping bag


Price MSRP: $54.95
Reviewers Paid: $30.00


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This bag is used only by my dogs. I bought it for them. They have never shared it.


  • Comes with a great compression sack!
  • Has held up to muddy dogs for several 4-day trips so far!


  • I wish it zipped back all the way around, but that is just to make a bigger back roll for my dogs!

So this review is a bit skewed since I bought this bag strictly for my dogs.  My Dalmatian, Ferrari, was getting very cold at night while camping in October and November for 4-day trips in 2015 (it got down to the high 20's or low 30's at night but was supposed to be in the 40's) and I was snug in my sleeping bag and I felt horrible. 

I piled every fleece, every spare jacket, towel, anything to keep her warm the one night and then unzipped my bag and dragged her in next to me. Lesson learned.

So I went looking and found this sleeping bag and thought it looked like the shape would resemble a double wide dog snuggle bed once unzipped so I bought it. My border collie stays warmer, but likes it and once I put a fleece jacket on the Dal and made sure a nice pad was under the bag that has mylar to reflect the warm back up she became much more comfortable. Both dogs have slept much better on trips. 

The only pics I have are after they have trampled it and hung out, but it does show it is ample long enough to accommodate both larger dogs with room to spare. I usually unzip it and then roll the top portion back to make a better snuggle bed.  The day I received this I unrolled it on the floor and called my dogs over to introduce them to something new and my boyfriend asked me why I was letting them crawl all over a nice new sleeping bag and I replied "because it's theirs!

I thought about asking the dogs to share since I could use a lighter bag for summer camping, but alas they declined!

I use a big rectangular bag since I'm a side sleeper but have been really looking at the slightly wider mummy bags for packing size and yet being able to move. I am really considering asking the dogs if I can borrow their bag! Unless I give her my behemoth Slumberjack Timberjack 0 I'm afraid she is just a big fat no on that

As newer campers we are having fun trying gear out and finding what works for us. Trailspace and been invaluable in our quest! I hope my review helps someone in some small way! Have a great day!


Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $30


Hi Myra, I'm glad to hear Trailspace has been helpful for you (and your dogs) as newer campers. Thanks for sharing this review of your dogs' sleeping bag!

6 years ago

Nice review, Myra. Thanks for sharing your lessons learned too. Very helpful.

6 years ago
Hersh Johnson

Why didn't your dogs write the review? Maybe they would have a different opinion... did you ask them? Do they have their own accounts and post under other names? Is it flea resistant? Are your dogs looking for a pen pal? Seriously.... ah but for a moment... glad you are having fun with the pooches!

6 years ago
Myra Ellis

Thanks Alicia and Kiwi! Hersh neither dog has an opposable thumb nor can they type. Until they help pay the bills they can give input but are not the decision makers. We have a benevolent dictatorship relationship more or less, when they let me, anyway. :-)

6 years ago

Ha ha! They look pretty happy to me!

6 years ago
Hersh Johnson

Keep up the humor Ladies!!! It makes life more "bear"able

6 years ago

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