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rated 4 of 5 stars This stove is a little flame thrower. It does not have any type of adjustment for simmer or a way to save your unused fuel. It is not very stable with a pan on top. It needs to be used in some type of stable base. This stove is very light, sturdy, and works great to heat water if that is your only task. Have used this stove with a combination of pots and pot stands. Find it almost too hot for some applications when I do not want flames shooting up the sides or trying to cook anything but water. Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars Incredible "Bug Out" stove for day, weekend, and extended excursions. Reduce your pack weight, increase reliability (no moving parts), bomb proof, quiet, and "GREEN". PLUS, it's made from recycled beer bottles — what's not to like about this product! When I first saw a friend's White Box Stove (WBS) during a 7-day fly-fishing expedition, I literally laughed out loud. How could a small recycled beer bottle outperform my Coleman multi-fuel single burner backpacking stove? The White Box looked more… Full review


rated 3.5 of 5 stars A lightweight, dirt simple alcohol stove that does what it's supposed to do (boil water) but not a bit more. Best for making hot drinks and simple meals on weekend or slightly longer trips in summer and shoulder seasons. After building a variant of the penny stove and having it come out OK I wanted to try a side burner, mostly because they don’t require a pot stand. I decided that the 20 bucks for the pro-built Whitebox was a pretty fair price considering the time I'd have to put into building… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars I received this as a Christmas gift. I was looking for an ultralight alcohol stove, and the White Box looked great. Received right from White Box. I use a Primus LiTech 1.5L kettle (7 5/8oz) with it. The stove weighs 1 oz., the wind screen and heat shield weigh 1 1/8oz., the small priming pan I use weighs 3/8oz, for a total of 2 1/2 oz. without fuel. The Heet fuel I use weighs about 1oz. per 1oz. of volume. I needed 2oz. of fuel to bring 48 oz. of water to a boil in the kettle. The temp. was 32F.,… Full review


rated 1 of 5 stars my white box stove is really bad in a slightly cold wind. it is january here in the uk and i  am testing the white box solo in my back yard with various pots and pans. well put it this way, it is testing my patience. i started with 1oz of meths then 1.5 oz of meths then 1.6 of meths with the primer pan. it went out 8 times. I do not want to  knock this stove as i think the duo was a great stove, although i never tried it in the winter and bill ballowe is a really nice man who cares a lot about… Full review

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