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Tad Pole

rated 5 of 5 stars The Tad Pole is amazingly easy to use, very light, and most importantly waterproof. It covered my 9' hammock and kept me bone dry on a recent trip when the skies opened above me. This is an American made product from a small company, which I try to support whenever feasible. There are options (poles, additional pulls,etcetera) which I didn't use, but it's good to know they are available. UL backpackers will like the near weightlessness, and kayakers will like how it takes up virtually no space in… Full review

Summer Series Under Quilt

rated 5 of 5 stars OUTSTANDING, sums up my thoughts about this quilt from Wilderness Logics. The Summer Series Under Quilt is really an outstanding value. And it is quite the versatile quilt as well. The SSUQ packs small and weighs less that a pound. If you own a hammock and camp in temps above 40° I really don't think you can go wrong with this sweet under quilt, I recommend it enthusiastically to anyone who hikes with their hammock and anyone who naps in their back yard as well. First off I have to say I did not… Full review

Tad Pole

rated 4.5 of 5 stars I needed a good tarp for my hammock that didn't weigh 3 pounds or was only 7 feet by 5 feet. The size was perfect and the weight was a joy for my back, and the cost will not break your wallet. If you're a 3-season camper or need a lightweight option this may be the tarp your looking for. The reason for my need of a good tarp was for my hammock camping. I started out with good old blue tarp until I felt I was ready for a better tarp. I checked around to find information of what other hammock campers… Full review

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