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Dana Design Yellowstone

An excellent pack, simply designed and rugged in construction. It had one lifetime before reaching me and, despite my best efforts, is only now starting to show… Full Review »

MSR Groundhog Tent Stakes

Ditch those cheap stakes that came with your tent, and replace them with these bomber stakes! If you've ever bought a tent, you know the drill. You open it up and… Full Review »

Luna Sandals Origen 2.0

Great trail running and hiking sandals with long lasting materials and attention to detail in manufacture. One of the few chances to buy stuff not made in China...Made… Full Review »

Ledlenser SEO5

For the pice a superb head torch with enough light to race with, but not enough to illuminate the entire mountain (a blessing in my view). This is a simple well… Full Review »

Marmot Men's PreCip Jacket

For its money the best lightweight jacket I have had. Beat the OMM Kamleika one (3x the price) hands down. Just needs a better hood visor. So when I got my OMM Kamleika… Full Review »

Packit Gourmet Good Day Sunshine bowl

Oatmeal again??? I realize that it seems like I review food here a lot. Okay, one of the reasons I hike is to justify the food I eat. Having been a long time fan… Full Review »

Xero Shoes DIY 4mm Kit

It's a kit. You make it and then you have the skinniest sandals you can get. Simple really... Basically you get a thin sole unit 4mm in this case and a 6mm if you… Full Review »

Xero Shoes Men's Z-Trail

If minimalist is your thing these are a good offering. Having run more than 200 miles in them and used them for day-to-day wear in between they have been robust… Full Review »

Deuter Camera Case III

Camera pouch which can be mounted on your belt or the shoulder strap of your rucksack. A brilliantly practical device which allows one-handed access to your camera. Full Review »

Garmin Foretrex 101

Good basic wrist GPS available for £xx on Ebay and actually more useful than many GPS devices at £xxx So why would I bother reviewing a bit of kit that is so… Full Review »

Primus ClassicTrail

Simple, well-made, and it works. Last summer we drove 4000 miles, camping across the country and back, without a stove or really any cooking utensils. Combine that… Full Review »

Matador NanoDry Shower Towel (Large)

I have used several backpacking towels over the years and they have all suffered in three ways that Matador managed to fix. They are either too small, too heavy… Full Review »

Zpacks Z-Line Dyneema Cord 1.2 mm

Very light weight makes this a good addition to one's kit, but it cannot replace conventional cord/rope in certain applications. The UL qualities of Dyneema  cord… Full Review »

Gregory Sucia 28

We got the Gregory Grandeur Series Sucia 28 with the hopes that it would do double duty as both a camping/weekend pack as well as a school bag my 11-year-old son… Full Review »

Ortlieb Dry Bag PS10

Lightweight dry bag for storing the clothes inside the backpack. The fabric is neither too lightweight nor excessively strong. We’ve been using three of these… Full Review »

Hilleberg Guy Line Runners

Probably the best available guyline tensioners on market. They fit a variety of guylines (not only those supplied by Hilleberg), very easy to tighten and release… Full Review »

Zpacks Z-Line Dyneema Cord 1.2 mm

Strong (over 200 lbs / 90 kg reported) and extremely brightly-colored 1.2-mm cord, perfect for making ultralight guylines and similar applications. Immediately… Full Review »

Revamp Gear Front Pack

I found this pack very user friendly and it provided a great fit for a universal design product. Works great both when worn by itself or when I pair it with my… Full Review »

Mountain Hardwear HyperLamina Torch 0

Super bag for winter camping!! Totally worth your money. If it’s not below freezing, you may be hot though! Packable, kind of, and big....but you can pack it. Full Review »

Coghlan's Squeeze Tubes

There is nothing better but... Once upon a time these were first sold by the Gerry company, a maker of packframes. I first used these in maybe my freshman year… Full Review »

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