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Miōn Footwear to be Carbon Neutral in 2007

Miōn Footwear has announced that it will operate as a carbon neutral brand in 2007 and beyond. The performance footwear brand that caters to amphibious athletes formulated the bold goal to operate as a carbon neutral company just prior to the European Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, and the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah, earlier this year.

Being a carbon neutral brand represents the second phase of the young brand’s commitment to eliminate its contribution to climate change. Miōn currently uses distribution centers powered with renewable energy and incorporates soy based inks and post consumer recycled materials in its packaging. Additionally, through a pellet-to-parts manufacturing process using injection molded EVA (IMEVA), Miōn is able to achieve a 98% material efficiency, which translates into only 2% material waste in the majority of its product.

In 2007, Miōn will offset 100% of CO2 emissions it produces during the year. Estimated to be 1,565 metric tons of CO2, the emissions are a result of all footwear material, production, transportation, procurement from manufacturing, sales reps vehicles, office space and air travel.

While performance footwear manufacturing is not yet a “green” process, Miōn is making every effort to embed its environmental philosophy into every aspect of its business. This approach is part of Miōn's long term goal of creating a business and products that are actually good for the environment.

“Climate change and the health of our environment are perhaps the defining issues of our lifetime. It’s ironic that as an industry we’re dedicated to helping people enjoy the outdoors, yet the result of our businesses has a negative impact on the environment,” said Erik Burbank, General Manager of Miōn.

“Miōn’s decision to operate as a carbon neutral brand is simply another step in our long term commitment toward the environment,” Burbank noted. “We hope this leadership move will inspire our consumers and other brands within the outdoor industry to follow suit. Together, we can make an impact and set an example for other industries and consumers to follow.”

Burbank continued, “Ultimately, the long term goal is for Mion to operate in such a way that our enterprise actually has a positive impact on the environment. While we don’t have the answers to get us there today, we’re committed to that path. “

To assist in the effort to manage its carbon neutral initiative, Miōn is working with Green-e (, the leading independent renewable energy certification and verification program in the U.S. The Green-e logo, which Miōn uses on its point-of-sale merchandising components and in its marketing collateral, provides an easy way for consumers to quickly identify environmentally-superior energy options.

The Green-e logo is used by businesses to communicate the purchase and/or generation of certified renewable energy. The Green-e Program works to expand the market for clean, renewable energy by advancing awareness of renewable energy options and protecting consumers. Green-e is administered by the Center for Resource Solutions, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

In addition, Miōn has purchased a TerraPass ( for every member of its U.S. sales rep force to offset 100-percent of their vehicles’ emissions. TerraPass is third-party certified to reduce the equivalent of a car’s carbon dioxide pollution.

To date, the program has reduced over 650,000 pounds of carbon dioxide thus far, which is the equivalent of taking approximately 60 cars off the road. TerraPass supports energy projects that balance out the climate impact of each sales rep’s vehicle and moves us all ahead on the road to a future of clean, renewable energy. Similar programs in Europe and Asia will be implemented in 2007 as well.

Miōn’s Environmental Practices

Beyond providing an innovative new product, Miōn is committed to a path toward environmentally sustainable practices. Since the brand’s inception, Miōn has looked for ways to be better stewards of the earth’s limited resources.

  • Miōn Footwear is committed to 100% renewable energy. The brand has purchased wind power from South Dakota to offset 100% of the energy used in manufacturing its shoes.

  • 100% of Miōn's European distribution center is fueled with on-site wind turbines, solar panels and re-captured energy.

  • Miōn's U.S. distribution center gets 60% of its power from on-site solar panels.

  • In its packaging, Miōn uses 100% post consumer recycled cardboard, 100% recycled plastic in its dunk bags. Miōn also uses 100% recycled card stock for its catalog, recycled card stock for the label and soy-based inks in all of the above. The brand has always used these materials, and Miōn is happy that the use of more eco-friendly packaging is becoming an industry standard.

  • Miōn is introducing a new Point of Sale program that will incorporate environmentally-friendly materials and reduce its impact on the environment.

  • Miōn has created and launched the industry’s first Ecometrics label designed to provide visibility into the environmental impact of its products.

  • Miōn's pellet-to-part injection molded EVA manufacturing process generates 90% less EVA waste than the traditional process of compression molding EVA.

  • The company is committed to developing a program that will allow it to use 100% of the EVA production waste in future products.

  • Miōn has launched an environmental film award program called Miōn Solutions. The program recognizes films that inspire environmental activism and stewardship at a local or regional level.


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