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All Polartec Fabrics Now Recyclable

Malden Mills Industries, Inc., has announced that all Polartec fabrics produced over the past sixteen years are now recyclable through Patagonia's expanded Common Threads Recycling Program.

Malden Mills CEO, Michael Spillane, states, "Since the Polartec brand was launched in 1991, we have produced enough fabric to create over 300 million garments worldwide. The breakthrough to be able to recycle this fabric now creates a huge new 'closed-loop' resource for recycled polyester. Recycled garments can be broken down into raw materials and used to create new environmentally friendly yarns that can be sourced for the next generation of Polartec fabrics."

Patagonia's Common Threads Recycling Program will take back not only Patagonia branded fleece, Capilene and cotton tees, but also any garment that contains the Polartec sew-in label or can be documented to be Polartec fabric. Consistent, high quality fibers and tightly controlled manufacturing make Polartec a natural resource for polyester recycling processes.

Beginning January 29th, 2007, consumers will be able to return garments that have exhausted their natural life to Patagonia retail stores, or Reno Service Center, in person or by mail. Malden Mills VP of Marketing, Carol Valianti, states, "Recycling garments will be a major shift in consumer habits and it will take time for consumers to understand how it works and what the benefits are for the environment. But we believe this is a major step in the right direction as oil becomes more scarce and consumers become increasingly aware of today's environmental issues." She adds, "And consumers are increasingly willing to put their actions and dollars behind being 'green'."

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