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Grivel North America Signs Off

Grivel North America has ceased distributing Grivel products and recently announced it is shutting down for good. Here's the announcement from their web site:


Grivel North America Over and Out
By Mark Twight

Hail Citizens,

Grivel North America ceased distributing Grivel products on September 1st, 2008. We did our best over the last few years to keep the company alive but the flagging US economy and the Euro’s strength against the dollar prevented us from doing so.

Retail customers may contact the following dealers to purchase Grivel ice axes, crampons, helmets, ice screws, packs and some replacement parts while supplies remain.

The Mountaineer

Mountain Gear

Recreational Equipment, Inc.

Second Ascent

Mountain Equipment Co-Op (Canada only)

Warranty and repair issues must wait until Grivel determines how they will service the North American market in the future. Stand by for more information.

I thank the individuals who used Grivel ice tools and crampons and believed in the performance enough to keep doing so year after year.

To view the complete line of Grivel products or more information surf to:


The European Grivel site also has a slightly longer list of American and Canadian retailers who have already ordered Grivel ice axes, crampons and ice screws for winter 2008/2009.


This is disappointing news. The head of sales for Grivel North America is a friend of mine and it is sad that they have been so affected by the current economic crisis. I am certain that we will be seeing more companies hit soon. I mean, while new equipment is nice, my current gear works pretty darn good.

Bummer. I have a pair of Grivel crampons, a helmet (see review at ), AND an ice ax. I now know why I had trouble getting the helmet. I had to check with with three distributers before the one I wanted was available. They told me to buy it right away if I wanted it, because no new shipments were scheduled.

Too bad, their products are well made, comfortable to use, and made to last.

Can you say "Clearance sale!"

This is sad. I have known Mark for a few years. I'm sure he will be around in the climbing world and in the business somewhere. Hopefully, Grivel will find a way to keep getting gear to the US.

I have a number of Grivel items, several crampons (my 1960s steel 12-point of fixed size, the Aeros, ..) and other gear. Too bad I am in the house-building process and avoiding buying stuff right now (no place to put what I already have).

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