Outdoor Retailer: Talus ColdAvenger face mask

The ColdAvenger Pro cold weather face mask

Developed by a Montana doctor to help asthmatics stay outside in the cold longer, the Talus ColdAvenger is a serious cold weather face mask for winter adventurers.

Available in Classic, Pro, and Expedition Balaclava models, the mask can be used comfortably down to -20°F by mountaineers, skiers, snowboarders, hikers, snowshoers, and other cold-weather enthusiasts.

The soft medical grade polyurethane ventilator keeps your face warm and dry, while humidifying dry, cold inhaled air. Talus says temperatures inside the mask are 40º to 60ºF higher than outside, depending on your activity.

The ColdAvenger fits with goggles and helmets, and prevents fogging.

While at Outdoor Retailer, John Sullivan, CEO of Talus and son of the designer-doctor, gave us an explanation of how the ColdAvenger works.



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