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Altai Skis Tiak

photo: Altai Skis Tiak alpine touring/telemark pole
Altai Skis says:

A few years ago when we were developing the Hoks I tried a single pole like those still used in the Altai Mountains by the indigenous skiers there. It worked great! since then I have used the Tiak a lot and gotten many of my friends to try it as well. I find it the easiest way to really ski the Hoks, particularly for downhills. I have experimented with various woods around here and settled on Lodgepole Pine. There are places in the mountains were the trees grow in very poor conditions, rocky, dry, and too close together. Trees that are 1 1/2 inches in diameter can be over 50 years old!. The wood is very strong and supple, while being relatively light. We cut a number of poles in the summer and fall, and then season them under cover. They are then hand peeled, trimmed, sculpted, and branded (literally). We then finish them with a light linseed oil and a strap at the top. They are very strong and handy to have on any winter adventure in the woods or mountains.


Price MSRP: $39.75
Historic Range: $39.95


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