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Ultralight Rain Pants

rated 4 of 5 stars These rain pants are amazingly small and light, but do a great job of keeping you dry and comfortable. When I started looking for a new pair of ultralight rain pants, I originally turned to cuben fiber. The downside there is the price. At around $150 per pair, I had a hard time justifying an upgrade (my old pants worked, but were a little heavy for my liking). While poking around online, I came across AntiGravityGear's Ultralight Rain Pants which use 1.1oz silnylon instead of cuben fiber. This cuts… Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars Very nice looking lightweight stove set, works better with ul/ha pots. OK, this is a very nice looking lightweight stove set, more durable than the agg pepsi can stove set. But I think the  agg pepsi can stove is the better stove. It worked well once (I am talking about using meths in it) but after that I have not had much look. I do not know if it's because im using meths or not. I found it to be quite fuel hungry and slow to prime (that is if you're not using the primer pan). If you use the… Full review

BCS-2 (Tin Man) Stove

rated 5 of 5 stars I met Tin Man at the pa ruck in the winter of 04, after a demonstration of alcohol stoves I was impressed with the quickness with which it brought water to a boil and since I was the manager of the hostel that sat right on the a.t. he gave me a half price deal. I`ve been using it for all my longer trips and have decided that it is now my only stove for all conditions. I would even, after all the new ones on the market and all the websites that show how to make one, still purchase one from Tin Man… Full review

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