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H2gO Purifier PRIME

rated 4.5 of 5 stars This a great device for making lots of drinkable water fast! The only drawback is filtering dirty, cloudy water. It's small, easy to pack, and gets the job done. Would definitely recommend, especially to anyone traveling with large groups. Heck even individuals would see a reduction in pack weight! Hello, I am an avid backpacker, climber, hunter, and general outdoorsman. Recently I spent a weekend trip in the Weminuche using the H2gO purifier as my sole source for making clean water. I regularly… Full review

H2gO Purifier PRIME

rated 4.5 of 5 stars As an employee of Aqua Research, LLC of course I am biased towards this water purifier, but I have taken the H2gO purifier backpacking and use the disinfectant regularly. The best features in my opinion are the weight (3.8 oz) and the solar rechargability. I can stuff the purifier in the bottom of my backpack for weeks and then when I need to purify water pulled from a contaminated source I can simply hold in the sun for a couple seconds and be ready to create a disinfectant solution on the spot. Full review

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Aqua Research's mission is to make water safe to drink and to treat water effectively for industrial applications. Its focus is on small point-of-use (POU) devices, communities and medical settings for disaster relief, and low-income settings.


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