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Aqua Research H2gO Global

photo: Aqua Research H2gO Global water purifier

The H2gO Global is Aqua Research's water purifier for the developing world. Similar in design and function to the more outdoor-oriented H2gO Prime, the primary difference is that the Global version can treat up to twice as much water per batter charge (300 liters versus 150 for the Prime). However, it achieves this through lower dosing, which requires the use of pre-filtered water.

The H2gO Global may be a reasonable choice for backpackers who are willing to pre-filter their water or who travel mostly in areas with suitable water supplies: warmer, clearer, non-turbid. Those traveling in areas with lower water quality or looking for a higher level of disinfection may opt to treat their water multiple times, or to instead use the Prime device.

Both the H2gO Global and Prime treat water with a chemical solution of sodium hypo-chlorite and hydrogen peroxide, which the device generates in the correct dose via electrolysis of common salt. The device can be recharged in the field using the built-in solar charging panel, or via a standard USB connection.

Prefiltered water treated with the H2gO Global meets the World Health Organization's Household Water Treatment Scheme standards.


Price MSRP: $99.00
Current Retail: $99.00


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