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Backcountry Access Float 27 Speed 2.0

photo: Backcountry Access Float 27 Speed 2.0 avalanche airbag pack
evo says: | BCA Airbags > Setting itself apart from it's previous-year counterparts, the BCA Float 2.0 27 Speed Airbag Pack adds to the groundwork from their original pack. 20 percent lighter with a 30 percent smaller air cylinder makes this pack notably more comfortable. The ergonomic storage of the cylinder and air bag tech provides more room than the original models did. Equipped with a stowable ice axe loop and several other gear and tool loops, you can carry all you need to stay safe. The BCA Float 2.0 27 Speed Airbag Pack has had a trim down, only to allow you to gear up with more ease. Refilling Your Cylinder BCA Float cylinders may be refilled either by BCA in Boulder, CO, or at authorized refill stations. Visit in order to find authorized refill centers in your area. BCA does not recommend attempting to refill cylinders yourself or at non-authorized locations as the process requires training, documentation and parts provided by BCA. Pack Volume (With System) 1,648 cubic inches / 27 liters Warning Wearing an airbag backpack is no guarantee of survival in an avalanche. Backcountry travelers are highly advised to educate themselves in snow stability assessment, route finding, and companion rescue and carry all of the conventional avalanche gear in addition to the airbag. Internal Tool Pocket for Shovel and Probe Float 2.0 Airbag System Nearly 30% smaller and 15% percent lighter than BCA's Float 1.0 engine, the Float 2.0 engine fits inside the Float airbag compartment, freeing up more valuable space in the main compartment. The Float 2.0 is built into their stripped-down, lightweight and durable new Float 17 Speed and Float 27 Speed avalanche airbag packs. Between their sleek new engine and their svelte new packs, BCA shaved 20% off the weight of their Float 1.0 system. | BCA Float 2.0 27 Speed Airbag Pack 2020


Price Current Retail: $549.95
Historic Range: $439.96-$549.95


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