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BernieDawg DragonTamer 3

photo: BernieDawg DragonTamer 3 stove accessory


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This product, while expensive, by reducing the grossly excessive noise level of my MSR DragonFly stove, transforms the stove from something I did not use because of the excessive noise to a stove that I like to use.


  • Well made
  • Works as advertised
  • Transforms the stove


  • Expensive

I really like my MSR DragonFly stove. Stable, rugged, easily repairable, has never given me a problem.

BUT, it is SOOOO noisy that I quit taking it on trips. Instead I would take our 30-year-old gen 1 Coleman single burner. Great stove, but with a very narrow base, it was an accident looking to happen. (A hand burn or scald is one of the most likely and worst mishaps I can think of on a trip.) I would not let anyone else use the Coleman.

While looking for a newer version of the Coleman (no longer made), I stumbled upon the DragonTamer.  I live in Canada and ordered one from the US supplier.

Do a search for "BernieDawg DragonTamer 3" for videos and reviews.

With exchange and shipping and taxes in CAD it was expensive, but it transformed my stove. The manufacturer claims a 50% noise reduction with minimal reduction in heat output. I do not notice any reduction in heat output, but I do notice a significant reduction in the noise generated.

If you want the fastest possible boil, then don't buy this. If you want a significant noise reduction with, I think, minimal reduction in boil time and likely improved simmering, then this is for you.


I like white gas stoves. Refillable, easy to use, and reliable. Fuel bottles are refillable. (How many times have you found those darn empty gas fuel canisters thrown into the bush?)

First stove camping with my kids in the early '80s was a Coleman single burner. Used it for years. Upgraded to an MSR DragonFly. Used it a few years and went back to the Coleman, cause I absolutely Hated the noise. For car camping or group camping I used a two-burner Coleman white gas stove. The heat density of white gas (Coleman Fuel) cannot be beat, but it does require more care in operation.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Around $50 CAD in 2015


Welcome to Trailspace, Jon. Thanks for the review of your damper cap. Do you have any pictures of yours you could show others in your review?

3 years ago

I sold my DF because it was just too heavy. I got an MSR Whisperlite International and like it pretty well for winter cooking. The canister setup is good for summer car camping.

3 years ago

Hmmm, -> Can you still simmer very low (B/C the DF simmers lower than ANY white gas stove). -> Does this device change the flame shape a lot? How does this device affect fuel consumption?

3 years ago

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