BioLite BaseLantern

photo: BioLite BaseLantern battery-powered lantern says:
Save your bulky, old-timey lantern for decorating purposes and light up your campsite with the BioLite Base Lantern on your next outdoor excursion instead. Not only does it deliver powerful, yet soft lighting fit for large groups, but it also packs flat for efficient storage and is equipped with smart technology so you can control it straight from your phone. Edge-Lighting technology creates soft, even lighting without the need for a cavernous bell like most lanterns. High-efficiency white and RGB LEDs allow you to control warmth and create thousands of color combinations so you can add a festive atmosphere to your campsite. The Bluetooth Low-Energy app lets you control lighting, set timers, enable proximity activation, and get real-time energy feedback from your smartphone while using minimal battery juice. Forget about bringing tons of extra batteries or fuel canisters along--it charges via mini-USB so you can juice it up from a wall outlet, laptop, or solar panel. And with two USB outlets, the lantern charges phones, speakers, headlamps, and other small devices.


Price Current Retail: $74.96-$129.95
Historic Range: $74.96-$159.99


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