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BioLite FlexLight

photo: BioLite FlexLight flashlight
Moosejaw says:
The BioLite FlexLight is a USB light for brightening small workspaces. Plug the light into a USB outlet and direct the light as necessary thanks to the flexible gooseneck. Tap the back to turn it on, off, or dim, or hold it to dim to a specific level. It'll hook up to the CampStove and BaseCamp, the better to see your grilled meats and veggies deep in the night. This 16 inch light weighs in at a mere 1.80oz, so you won't even mind carrying it along in your pack. Features of the BioLite FlexLight Turns on or off with just the tap of your finger, and dims simply by holding it down. So easy. The flexible neck allows you to bend and move the light exactly where you need it, without having to move your power source Friendly with all USB ports, including the BioLite BaseCamp and CampStove As a low draw it does not require a lot of power, which comes in handy during power outages A great little tag along to light up your cooking Area during low light situations, or simply as an extra source of light in your workspace


Price Historic Range: $9.93-$14.95


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