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Cascadia 11

rated 5 of 5 stars These shoes serve as my day hikers and trainers. Great stability and traction with solid support. The fit is true to size and they are narrow in the heel, which is perfect for my foot. I run mountain trails to stay in hiking shape and was looking for a trail shoe with support and durability. I am very pleased with the narrow fit which prevents the shoe from slipping on my heels. The shoe is durably built and very stable on the trail which was key in my purchase decision.   The support may be part… Full review

PureGrit 3

rated 3 of 5 stars The PureGrit 3s are comfortable overall trail shoes if you have wide feet. They have good grip and breathe well, but the soles tend to separate at the toe and the elastic "Nav-Band" wears out over time. I have been wearing the PureGrit 3 shoes for the past five months. According to my Misfit Shine, they surpassed 750-miles of use some time last night (After contacting Brooks, I was informed that the expected lifespan of these shoes is somewhere between 250 - 300 miles). In this time, I have worn… Full review

Cascadia 9

rated 5 of 5 stars Got these for Spartan racing. A solid shoe for running on the rocks of PA. Fit is right on for me. I use the "heel lock" tie and the laces could be a bit longer. Good for multi use and Spartan Race tough even for muddy slopes. Full review

Cascadia 9

rated 4 of 5 stars This may be the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned. Great for training, early morning walks, and light day hiking. My feet are notoriously difficult to fit. I have long toes... wide fore-feet (bunions)... narrow heel... no arches... and size 14. These all combine to make shoe purchasing a chore every time. With the Cascadias, I have found the holy grail of training shoes for my feet. Fit is excellent, with lots of room for my toes and bunions, without having my feet slip around in the shoe. Break-in… Full review

PureGrit 3

rated 3.5 of 5 stars These spring 2014 Brooks trail runners are tough, yet relatively lightweight. With great bite on rough terrain, be careful on smoother surfaces, but when they grip, THEY GRIP! After around 120-130 miles, these are good trail runners that become very good when aftermarket insoles are added. Background I’ve gone through several trail runners over the years beginning with my time in high school running cross country. I won these Brooks PureGrit 3 (new for spring 2014) as the June Trailspace Reviewer… Full review

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