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Council Tool Forest Service Axe

photo: Council Tool Forest Service Axe axe/hatchet


Price Reviewers Paid: $69.00


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USA made lightweight axe, also called a "boy's axe." Great for when you are on an extended camping trip and more than a hatchet is required for wood procurement. I'd recommend this axe for those who are less concerned with weight but don't want to carry or don't need a full sized axe.


  • Light and fast handling
  • Well made
  • Produced in USA


  • Heavier than a hatchet at 3.25 lbs
  • Perhaps longer than some want to carry at 27"

I ordered the axe from Omaha Knife with a couple of options. First, hand picked for appearance and grain alignment. Second, sharpened beyond the factory edge. Through doing these things, I saved myself some time on sharpening and made sure my axe was twice inspected before it came to me.

These two options cost an extra $10. Of note, the axe is literally shaving sharp and comes with a standard cover — the cover is very much needed when you're placing this thing in your pack!

It's a finely made piece of equipment; no long term reports yet but the construction of the head cover and axe itself appear top notch at first glance.

Thus far, it's only been used around the yard but the cutting performance is excellent.  This size in particular (27" overall with a 2.25 lbs. head) is the ideal "compromise" camping axe when one wants decent cutting power and efficiency but doesn't want to haul around a full size, full weight axe.  In comparison, a full size axe could be 36" long and up to 2 lbs. heavier.

Finally, at $69, this axe is less expensive than some of the other models that are available and represents a great deal of value per dollar spent. The vendor, Omaha Knife, did a superb job sharpening it, packing it, and was very professional to deal with overall.






Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $69


Thanks for sharing this axe review with us, Joe.

6 years ago

Thanks for the review. I just ordered a Council Tools Wood Crafter's Axe W/ 19" handle from Piragis Northwoods catalog. I wanted a "car/canoe axe" for car camping and canoe trips. Council tools is one of the very few traditional axe makers left. BTW, I use a folding buck saw for wood procurement as it's faster than chopping. The shorter Wood Crafter's axe is for limbing and splitting. But it also comes with a 24" handle for chopping.

2 years ago

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